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EvE: our next Chapter

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So I know many people have concerns about Eve's complexity and a overall feeling of despair. Since about 2007 I personally come back to Eve approximately 7 different times. A lot of the reasons I would play for a duration and then quit was because of the lack of direction personally and my purpose within the game. Being the true sandbox, it's really up to the individuals to create the environment in which they want to participate; and this isn't always one that's conducive to everybody else's play style, yet you still have to learn how to deal with other people. I have several hopes for this expedition into Eve this time. My first and foremost hope is to take our community and create an environment where we can all enjoy our time while were gaming and educate individuals who lack detailed knowledge about Eve. Additionally, by creating a non-static environment I hope to learn as much from people that participate as I teach. I want to break this expedition down into three phases which I believe can also act independently of the other phases if necessary.

Now, I'm going to talk a little bit about the foundation of what I've created in the game already. The first thing I did; as of two days ago, was to create two independent guilds call corporations. I then declared war with both of them. By having a declaration of war between the two corps; they are able to kill each other without consequences. This allows us to have a cohesive PVP environment that can have minimal control for the sake of fun. From here I'm going to create an arena battlegrounds that consists of several solar systems in which we will consider them hot zones. In the hot zone all most any PvP goes. This will let us practice different techniques and tactics when fighting in the Eve world. The reason I chose to have two corps is so that you have spontaneous reactions between two leaders whom fighting each other. This also allows us to go back after the battle is concluded and discuss the pros and cons of the operations between the two parties. Additionally, this gives us a very unique view into the combat. You can't always go back and say I should've done that conclusively; you can only speculate, but with this system we can.

Once we start to get the basics of combat and comprehension level of how to properly engage combat in Eve. I would like to set up different events where the hot zone would be manipulated to mirror different situational environment that we are trying to simulate. This would be something like defending the flag, escort the package, and even something as simple as tournament combat. Just to clarify the hot zone is a set amount of areas within the Eve that you can zone between but can't leave during the conflict. I think that this would allow us to further expand upon the different aspects of wormhole and null life in Eve. I would also be giving out rewards to the victors of the events. The awesome part about this is we'll be able to record these event for website advertisement.

Now one of the main concerns of most people is well I'm a brand-new character and I can't really participate in Eve combat--I'm going be smeared. However. the reality is that if you pick the right ship against the right situation i.e. knowing what you're going into ahead of time, that should never happen. The unexpected can never be avoided but proper preparation can lead to greater success. In phase 1, of the plan that I'm proposing you as an individual will be able to participate in the events after the second day you have your account and now you say that's crazy you can't do that. Well in fact you can, if we limit Phase 1 to frigates. Cruisers, and destroyers of tier 1 only. Now for the second most common complaint; I don't have the cash to continually buy ships over and over again. Well I'm offering to anybody that comes to play-- every book skill they want up to cruiser and full ship replacement if it is destroyed in a hot zone. You will only be responsible for the mods that go on the ship. I will also have some leniency if you can't afford that as well but don't expect tier 2 best of the best.
This is only phase 1 of three possible phases that I have been preparing for. If you so choose to join the fight you will be a part of a legendary chapter of Silver Sun Republic legacy. Lastly, if you're on the fence and not sure you want to play there is a 21 day free trial in which you can participate to get a good feel for what we're trying to achieve here. So get into teamspeak, come be part of the Guild, asking questions, and let's have fun like we did in the old days.

I'm included a link to the 21 day trial below: