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Is Eve Really that Hard?

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So I know that a lot of you have heard about the evil learning curve that is Eve, however I'm here to dismiss that myth.

Just like any MMO that is existed in the past and currently runs; you have specific ships that cater to specific roles that you need to fill. Unlike normal MMORPGs that rely on the holy Trinity; in practice an individual that can technically "heal" is only beneficial. I'll first cover the intricacies of frigates which are the base level ships that nearly anybody get into within a reasonable duration of time. And by that I mean twenty-four hours. I say this because this is essentially what we're trying to present in phase 1 of our Eve a venture.

In Eve there exists several ship, the first I'll present is the electronic warfare ships; the ships essentially represent a crowd control role like the Mezzer in EverQuest. They have the ability to make ships within their party do more damage, lessen the distance the enemy can shoot, disrupt targeting, stop ships from running away, and in general be a royal pain in the ass. Additionally you have a category of ships that are essentially covert ops and exploration ships. These ships act as the crucial locating and tracking assets of the group. They can provide limited DPS to the group and have the ability to CLOAK. The next set of ships are fast frigates which Eve calls tacklers. They are built to be agile, quick and literally jump on your target prey to stop them from moving away from the battle. Their very efficient at stopping ships; they use warp scramblers and speed disabling devices called webbers. It's hard to categorize them in the traditional MMORPG setting but they act like a root. There is also a category of frigates that are considered the damage dealing, DPS ships. This category has essentially two subdivisions. The first is bombers that use missiles from a great distance to do a lot of damage much like the Ranger. There is also, "close combat turrets" that operate in the range of 2-10k. I would consider this class of ships to be much like a berserker, however really it's more like a swashbuckler. The last and final category is logistics which is a healer type ship which is able to repair shields or armor of your ship. Essentially, a heal over time style healer like Everquest's Warden and Fury.

Recently, we've gone into playing TSW, which not only has a skill-based class system but allows you to tailor your equipment to fit your play style. I believe in the near future games like ESO and Repopulation will have the same feature as well. I would as far as to say that Mortal online and Darkfall have this feature as well. I think Eve excels at giving you the ability to tailor not only your skills, but the individual pieces that you're able to put on your ship. If you want more DPS there's an item for, if you want more armor there's an item for that, if you want your ship to be faster there's an item for that, if you want higher resistance to a specific type of damage there's an item for that; the possibilities are endless in the way that you want to combine items that go on your ship. You can tailor the specific play style that you prefer and I think there is no games that currently exists that allows you to have that flexibility.

Now don't get me wrong Eve is as complex as you want to make it, but getting in and going is not some impossible task.