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Moving ever forward with Life is Feudal

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Greetings all Citizens and those who continue to play on our server,

Since the launch of Life is Feudal we have had great successes and challenges. You, as a player, could have picked any server to play on, but you decided to find out what the Silver Sun Republic(SSR) experience was all about. The guild and its leadership have created a working Feudalism system for you. I know that sometimes it can be very tough to understand what it is we are creating. The system has had its growing pains and we understand that can be difficult. Even though we have been a guild for 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of being around for ten years of that, we will never be perfect.

We have considered all the feedback you have given us over the last month and are trying to move forward in a positive direction. Many years ago we created the Senate so you’d have a third party to share your ideas with. They are the voice of the people and bring the concerns voiced by membership directly to leadership's attention. However, that doesn't mean you can't come and talk to us anytime we’re around, or even leave us a private message. Nevertheless, the guild as a whole has to stick to the core principles that are fundamental to who we are. I want us to stand out and not just be another random guild. The leadership of SSR wants to guide the server to the next step of what will make the Republic into the remarkable entity that we all know it can be.

Part of this plan includes a new mod that we have been working on obtaining, and it is my great pleasure to say that we have a “Life is Balanced”(LiB), Server of our very own. Now the question is why we should care about a LiB server? Well, let me take the time to explain why this is worth making the switch. I have found out that the Life is feudal; (LiF) team is working on bugs and exploits. This means that the progression of server features updates is going to be slow. However, thanks to a very special person we have this mod. It includes numerous desired updates to the game. I can’t begin to thank him enough for letting us use the Mod. I’m going to include the updates after my rant.

Features include a complete skill tree rebalance. To me personally, that is enough to make the switch and start with nothing at all. Sadly, the updates are not compatible with our current server, so I can’t just merge them. That means we will have to have another server and in fact, I have put up such a server. The community will continue to support the original server as a free build, free play server. Exploiting or griefing on the old server will still be a bannable offense, and we want to hear from you when these incidents occur.

Okay, so what about all my hard work you ask? Well if you made it this far you’re going to be happy to know that I will accept a list of all physical objects you have made and compensate you for your hard work. Terms will be agreed upon by both parties. The Republic as a guild will not be taking this bonus as, I believe half the fun is in rebuilding.

Furthermore, the guild is going to have server raiding nights where we find a server that is pvp or pvp-like and we will then build a raiding camp on that server and act as Bandits/Raiders. I think this will give people a chance to do something different and exciting. Seriously, who doesn't like killing and stealing?

The LiB server is being updated at a faster rate than the official servers. We will be making the move to the server on Sunday and I hope to see everyone new and old there. We will have an outline of plans for all aspects of game play, so everyone can get involved.

Now the Features added and Changed:

-One character per account restriction! No more abusing alts to avoid alignment penalties.
-48 hour claim time instead of 24.
-Keeps can now be used as Homes and be Claimed. Crafting stations with doors can now be Claimed as well!
-Huge skill lines reconfiguration, especially combat skills. Character creation skills adjusted accordingly.
-Logical recipe requirements (especially flux, flax, linen, lamps, steel requirements). Replaced Wool and Tusk requirements with Linen Cloth and Horn -respectively (Temporarily). High tier Padded Armours and dull bolts are now accessible.
-Complete weapons rebalance, with the new combat skill lines in mind. No more overpowered Pitchforks! The deeper you level in a skill line the more useful the corresponding equipment.
-Heavy armour rebalance, bigger difference between armour types weaknesses and strengths.
-Better container capacity! Bigger small warehouse, better chests/crates/barrels/carts/wheelbarrows. Somewhat reduced inventory of tombstones and animal corpses. Barrels can be filled with Ores/Rock/Soils and carried!
-Outfits are available for crafting under Tailoring!
-Some skill action times and experience gain adjustments (farming, skinning, Coop actions).
-Somewhat extended log out time to make combat logging more risky.
-Usable Cooking recipes at level 0 are now present.

Paved roads can now be flattened and be build upon. This is desirable for gatehouses for example, now roads can actually continue through them.
Arrows and bolts don't float anymore, they are now affected by gravity and will fly in proper arcs.
Thorough combat rebalance! Armours, melee weapons, ranged weapons and arrows have all been re-adjusted, with both realism and gameplay in mind.
Damage is noticably higher overall, for more dangerous, more realistic and higher-stakes combat. This will make fleeing or combat logging harder, and makes armour more useful.
Weapons and armour types become considerably better further down the skill lines, making specialisation more rewarding. Being a hybrid of all was the way to go before, not so much anymore. You'll really want the equipment of those later or even last Skills in the lines, but you'll have to make choices!
Thrusting damage is now higher, especially for specialised thrusting weapons like Polearms. When thrusting it is a lot harder to get comparable speed bonuses to swinging, which made thrusting underpowered.
Blunt damage is now the main weakness of top tier armours.
The speed of projectiles has been lessened somewhat to reduce the chance of them going through characters without doing any damage. Arrow damage has been increased to compensate for the speed bonus loss.
Royal armour is now better than Veteran armour.

v7.7 compatility update.

Keep Claim timers fixed.

Made a mistake packaging the new files, now the uploaded archive contains all the correct files. Apologies.

Crossbow bug/exploit fixed! Now you first have to load your crossbow after drawing it.
Ranged weaponry rebalance: Str/Agi requirements, speed, damage, weights, friction.
Arrows, bolts, saws can now be carried on the hips as well.
Weapon weight rebalance.
Chests now have 24 hour claim time after putting it down. Barrels and tree logs have no timers anymore.
Woodcutting time increased, uprooting time decreased.
Arbalest now requires 3 Steel Bars instead of 1 Metal Band.
Dull Arrows now cost Horn instead of Metal Band, for Dull Bolt consistency.
Server rules added to in-game welcome message.
Skills descriptions somewhat updated and clarified.
Monk's Outfit is now somewhat heavier to match the other outfits.

Official patch compatability update.
Engineer's Outfit skill requirement has been changed to Construction.

24 hour claim time increased to 48 hours.
Keeps can now be set as homes. The Wooden Keep, Small Keep, Keep, and Large Keep now respecively have 10, 20, 30, and 40 home slots available.
Keeps and crafting stations with doors in them are now claimable as well.

Pounce force reduced to prevent "super jump" exploit.
Swimming speed about halved.
Doubled Hank of Linen yield.
Bug fixes of earlier Silk and Cooking changes.

Fixed a stupid typo that broke the GUI. Thanks to King of Hell for spotting it.

Outfits (casual clothes) are now available for crafting under Tailoring! Cheaper than advertised on the Wiki!
Two Cooking recipes have been moved to level 0 to re-allow Cooking XP gain since official patch
Barrels can now be used for storing and transporting Rocks/Ores/Soil. For real this time.
Snare Trap Grass Fiber cost halved.
More temporary Wool ingredient replacements, either with Linen or Silk, both Cloth and Hanks.
Cheaper higher level Padded Armours.
Moved "Use Bellows" again, this time to General Actions.
Some small fixes to earlier changes.

Old version numbering used from here

-Reroll of Barrel changes due to unforeseen effects.

- Made Barrels inmovable so they can be used as storage for Ores/Rocks/Clay/Soils.
- Skinning and Harvesting duration adjustments.

- Moved Mallet to Craft on knifes.

- Bone Glue creation to Animal Lore, no more progression blockade due to terribly slow Coops.
- Mallet creation to Primitive Tools. Should be possible to level Construction now without spamming fences.
- Use Bellows ability skill requirement removed. You can finally properly use the Kiln without requiring Smelting.