The following is a sample Rule for groups who may want to do the monk/friar thing, but have no idea what a Rule is or how it should look.

Rule for Monastic Life

Chapter I:
That which follows is a manual of instruction for those wishing to devote their lives wholly and completely to a life that is pleasing to God while living in the monastic fashion. If heeded, the words herein will guard against the temptations of the flesh and allow those who live under its guidance to focus on spiritual matters.

Chapter II:
Upon reaching a community of V, it is necessary for the community to select amongst its brotherhood one who has proven themselves to be of the most devoted of mind to God and to the laboring which brings glory to God’s name. Thus selected, this person will be the leader of the community and be referred to by other members as “Abbot,” thereafter; all other members of the community will refer to one another as “brother.” The Abbot himself will refer to other members as “brother” as well.

Once chosen, the Abbot will treat every member under his care as equal, and shall make no distinction between them unless it is to praise them based on good works done or deeds committed, or to punish them for evil actions taken or lackadaisical approaches to their work.

Take heed, if chosen for this position for yours is a position that requires constant vigil, for the salvation of yourself and all those who follow you.

Chapter III:
All brothers will show humility to their superiors and will cheerfully obey instruction given if it be in accordance to the laws of man and God.

Chapter IV:
When matters of utmost importance arise in the community, the Abbot shall call all brothers together, and seek their council on how such matters should be addressed. Once all brothers have spoken, the Abbot will decide on a course of action, all the other brothers will support his decision.

Chapter V:
Upon reaching X members, the Abbot may choose to appoint a Provost to assist him in the daily operations of the community. Thus selected, this person will be the second in command of the community and will be referred to by other members as “Provost” thereafter.

Chapter VI:
Upon reaching XX member, the Abbot may instruct his Provost to take with him X or fewer brothers of the community to go forth and found another community which will obey the same rule and Abbot of the first community. The Provost will then be referred to by other members as “Prior” thereafter.
The Abbot will then choose a second Provost from among the brotherhood, and if the brotherhood again reaches XX members, he may again send them forth to found another community, and so forth.

Upon reaching X members, the Prior of the new community may choose a Provost.

Chapter VII:
Brothers will refrain from excessive speech that does not further the glory of God.

Chapter VIII:
All brothers will pray daily. Thanks and prayers will also be said before meals are consumed. Hymns will be sung and prayers will be said before battle if it is practical to do so.

Chapter IX:
Brothers will disobey the laws of man only when it is contrary to the laws of God.

Chapter X:
Brothers will never take aggressive action against another person, or nation, and will only take up arms in the defense of an innocent or a nation.

Chapter XI:
Brothers will care for the wounded, even at risk of bodily harm.

Chapter XII:
Clothing will always be plain and no brother may wear ordainments such as jewelry unless given special dispensation from their Abbot.

Chapter XIII:
Visitors and guests will be treated with kindness, and will be offered food and drink. Shelter will be given to brothers of other communities, or men of the cloth. Even if wronged, brothers will treat visitors well, and if struck, they will not strike back, but may seek assistance from secular authorities.

Chapter IVX:
It is recommended that the brothers employ a porter from outside the community to deal with those who visit and to bring their goods to market, but it is not necessary.

Chapter XV:
Discipline is at the discretion of the Abbot, but brothers should be expelled from the community for the following infractions:
-Repeated failure to obey the Rule
-Purposefully striking another member of the community, or an innocent.
-Negative attitude toward work, the Abbot, Priors, or Provosts

Chapter XVI:
This rule is not comprehensive, and merely a guideline. It should be supplemented by the Abbot and Priors at their communities.