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    All Newly Registered Members, Please Post Here

    Ave, Friend!

    Welcome to the Republic of the Silver Sun. If you are new, please post up a little about yourself and how you heard about us. We want to get to know you and make sure we're helping you get settled in your new home.

    We highly recommend and encourage you to join us on our Discord server as that is where we spend most of our time chatting and hanging out. It is required for coordinated events to include PvP and work projects.

    Our Steam Group is found at the following link:

    We also use Google Hangouts to chat and spread up to date information on events and guild news.

    You can use Hangouts on your phone or your Desktop. Let us know on here if you want to be invited and we can add you via your phone number or Google Account address. Hangouts is by far the best way for us all to stay in contact as a group. I recommend turning off the notifications so we don't blow up your phone, but you can still check the message thread at your own leisure to stay up to date on the latest news and information.
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    Hello, im chris. I heard about you through military gamer supply here in el paso, texas. im a pc gamer primarily. I'm not heavily into anything besides helping a friend in strnghold kingdoms atm.

    I tried the teamspeak but it wont connect and does not repond to ping.

    in hangouts my email is chris.meza3@gmail.

    and I joined the steam group, but at the time or writing I cant start a gaming session. See yall on the slopes!

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    my bad...the pin needs to be updated to reflect the switch to discord.

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    thanks for the heads up, i'll change the post. We're moving away from forums and using Discord fulltime. tThat's why things like that fall through the cracks on the forums atm. Hope you see you on discord soon!

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    Greetings good people.
    I am Lord Geoffrey Daunchmeyer. My Lady Cecilia and I are happy to meet you. We are long time gamers as well as SCA members. We actually met through and old game called Star Wars Galaxies many light years and galaxies far far away. We look forward to helping the kingdom grow and prosper. In game we are Godred, Hlakke and Sillysil.

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    Welcome to the guild!!

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