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    Feudal Agreement - Madii Moresini

    I, Bernardo dei Medici, Doge of the Crowned Republic of the Silver Sun, make known to those present and to come that I have given in fee to Madii Moresini and his heirs the manor which is called Baronetcy de Moresini, which is of the county of Soacio; and whatever the same Madii Moresini shall be able to acquire in the same manor I have granted to him and his heirs in augmentation of that fief. I have granted, moreover, to him that in no free manor of mine will I retain men who are of this gift. The same Madii Moresini, moreover, on account of this has become my liege man. In return, he agrees to fulfill the levy of goods to be determined by the Signoria, moreover, to voluntarily give of his surplus for the betterment of the Republic; notwithstanding the levy of soldiers, which shall be given freely at the summons to service in the Republican Army. Done at the city of Soacio, by my own witness, in this year of the Incarnation of our Lady 2016, in the month of May. Given by the hand of Demiwar, my Prime Minister.

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    I, Madii Moresini, about these terms and will sign

    -Madii Moresini
    Baronetcy dei Moresini

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