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Thread: LiF - Pope?

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    LiF - Pope?

    Hey everyone, I’ve laid out how I see the Church functioning in this post here:
    But I wanted to take a minute to explain how the real world Pope came about and how it could play out in-game.

    Historically, the Church has relied on the charity of secular authorities when it comes to political influence and power. The Bishop of Rome, aka the Pope, came to prominence when Constantine adopted Christianity and granted palaces and land to him in order to demonstrate his devotion to God. Later, when the Pope was threatened with invasion from the Lombards, he made a deal with Pepin III which resulted in the formation of the Papal States. The Patriarch of Constantinople, and just about every Bishop, came to power in much the same way...that is with a land donation from a secular Lord.

    Just like secular Lords, the Pope has expanded his own power and influence since then in various ways. Diplomacy being the primary means, but conquest as well. And again, just like secular Lords, his power has waxed and waned with the ages. Generally, the Pope had to rely on devout Christian Princes to defend his territorial claims. He had prime territory in Rome that lots of his neighbors coveted after all.

    Could a Bishop ever get to the point where they could be independent? Waging their own secular wars, and functioning like the real world Pope? Possibly. If a Bishop can achieve it by being a shrewd diplomat, charismatic recruiter, and brilliant military tactician...I say we shouldn’t prevent that from happening. If a Lord manages to gain significant amounts of territory and wants to be a “Pope maker,” I think that should be allowed as well.

    What I don’t think we should do is assume that that’s going to happen, or that that person would suddenly become head of the Church. It’s up to the leadership of the Church to determine how they want to handle being governed. If someone declares themselves “Pope,” they ought to be prepared to be ignored. If they want to be followed, they’ll have to earn it. That means either being voted in, or having an army to back up their decrees; their own, or someone else’s.

    In the meantime, Bishops ought to lead their diocese however they see fit, and the Church should only be homogeneous on things most of us can agree on. I would also encourage Bishops to support their nations/guilds from within. The more power, influence, respect your nation/guild gains, the more power, influence, and respect you gain.

    Please keep in mind everything I write in this forum is my opinion, and likely to change.
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    Interesting food for thought. The dead tree society will always be around to back up any secular claims you plan to push, your holiness.

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