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    Republic/Church History

    Before the founding of the Republic there was a nation that thrived among coastal islands. The Devil Malum disguised himself as a solar deity and presented himself to the nation. The people of the island nation were enamored with him, and worshiped him as their god. Malum demanded statues and great wonders built in his honor. In order to comply with their god's desires the islanders took their large ships and captured people from other nations; forcing them to serve their god.

    For centuries the nation thrived, and the slaves were bred until all memory of their nationality was lost. Into this world, Spero was born. Spero's mother, Lucindee, hid her pregnancy and gave birth to Spero in secret. She was able to hide the boy away all day and allow him to taste freedom at night.

    The god of gods, Requesta, sent the Archangel Draniel to speak with Spero. Draniel appeared to Spero each night in a moonbeam to teach him about Requesta saying, "Requesta, the god of gods, hath seen thou art pure of heart and strong of will. She hath chosen you to bring light to a world wreathed in darkness." Having no knowledge of language nor parchment to write on, Spero invented his own and engraved the teachings with soot and needle upon his body.

    Spero taught the other slaves from the writings on his body. He taught them to read and write, but they were not the masters' words. He taught them to speak with one another, but it was not the masters' tongue. It was the language of Requesta, the language of freedom.

    And so the slaves could speak in front of the guards and their words were as nonsense. They could leave messages and their writings were as scrapings. This caused the masters fear, and fear caused the masters to bribe and torture slaves to find meaning in the nonsense and scrapings. In this way Spero became known to them. Requesta warned Spero of the coming danger and Spero bid his mother Lucindee kill and flay him so that the writings of Requesta could be saved. But Lucindee could not bring herself to kill her son.

    The Masters came for Spero and tortured him for five days and nights but could not break him. Then they brought him before Malum. The devil praised Spero for his strength and offered to make him his servant. Spero refused. The devil praised Spero for his courage and offered to make him his highest priest. Spero refused. The devil praised Spero for his faith and offered to make him a god. Spero refused. So, Malum ordered Spero's death.

    The masters stripped Spero of his clothing, hung him by the arms from their tallest temple, and left him to bake in the sun. For 30 days Spero hung without food, water or clothing. The masters grew restless. They brought him down and threw him to hungry dogs, but the dogs would not eat him. They then built a great fire and threw Spero in. The flames and smoke obscured their vision and when the flames had died, there was no sign of Spero.

    The masters searched the lands, high and low, but finding naught, they again turned to torture and bribery. They discovered Lucindee was Spero's mother. In an effort to draw Spero out, they paraded Lucindee in front of the slaves and demanded she renounce her son and Requesta. She would not, so they broke her finger. Again they demanded she renounce her son and Requesta. Again she would not, so they broke another. Ten times they demanded and ten times she refused. Then they opened her throat and left her in front of the slaves.

    With that act, the Rebellion was born.

    Following the death of Lucindee there was a bountiful harvest. The followers of Malum took this as a blessing from their god, but Spero visited the slaves in their dreams. Requesta had given this bounty for the slaves. The followers of Malum celebrated and their eyes made blurry by wine, they did not notice the slaves gathered food and weapons.

    Once supplies had been gathered, Spero came to the slaves again and told them, "Behold the ocean, it was the means of your enslavement, and now it is your salvation. That which carried you to this land shall free you from it."

    While the masters made themselves drunk, the slaves feasted and prepared. That night the masters slept an intoxicated sleep, and under the guiding light of the full moon, the slaves fought to the docks. Upon capturing many of the master's largest slaving vessels, they loaded their bounty aboard. When the masters heard, they were angered and gathered their army. The masters sent smaller craft to catch the lumbering hulks and retake them. The slaves began to lose hope, but Requesta sent a wall of water. It overturned the smaller craft and drown the master's men. The wave then engulfed the island nation and washed the masters away.

    Now we have forgotten the names of the masters, we have forgotten the islands they called home, and we have forgotten the words they spoke.

    But we remember Spero and his mother, Lucindee, we remember those who gave their lives, and we remember Requesta, the god of gods, who gave us freedom.

    And we will never forget Malum, and the evil he wrought.

    The wave Requesta sent destroyed the masters, but scattered the hulks to the four corners of the world. The Hulk that would found the Republic was led by Marcus de’Medici.

    After the founding of the City of Soacio and the building of its institutions, a man by the name of Beraneous Acario was raised up as a noble for service to the Medici family. He was a man of great ability, though flawed in character and moral substance. One night, in a drunken fit, he killed a beggar woman who had accosted him. Ashamed of himself, and full of grief, he locked himself away for three days and nights. Each night he was visited by the goddess Requesta, naming him a murderer and saying, "When thou slays my children, thou also slays me."

    Robbed of sleep, Beraneous stumbled from his hold and wandered the countryside until he found a statue of the goddess Argentina. In tears, he threw himself prostrate before the statue and begged for forgiveness. In response, a young man wreathed in light and wearing white robes appeared before him saying, "I am the Archangel Azerath, sent from the heavens by the goddess Requesta to offer penance. Go forth into the land, and finding a place that is of equal distance from the civilized land of the Republic, and sparing not your wealth, build a temple there as a place of worship for the Lady Requesta.”

    Beraneous next found himself in bed. His servants had placed him there when they found him collapsed in a field. Beraneous did as the angel instructed. Finding the city of Soacio to be the center of the Republic, he sold his land, and used the profits to build a grand Basilica there. Once completed Azerath came again to Beraneous and told him, “From this day to the last of days, your people shall mark the flesh of their bodies with the symbol of Requesta so as to make it permanent, and she will watch over and protect you for Time and All Eternity. Yours will be a lifetime of spreading her teachings and looking after her children as though they were your own. This will be your penance.”

    In this way, the Church of Requesta was founded, and Beraneous Acario became the first Patriarch.
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