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    Branding Ceremony of Ultier Fortressrose

    As Requesta once guided our forefathers through tempest and despair, through storm and hardship, across vast ocean and hopeless circumstance, she has once again guided the lost to be found. The Lady has delivered to us Ultier Fortressrose of Havenforge.

    Praise be the God of gods, praise be Requesta.

    Ultier, do you accept Requesta as the God of Gods, supreme being in all things?
    Caelitus Mihi Vires

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    "I do, with all my heart and even when her everlasting glow deliver me to her side." Ultier would say with her head lower and kneeling, these were not words she practiced, but words she felt in her heart. It was something she had felt since she was a small girl. She felt that the Moon was the only pure thing. Fixed and eternal. Where she was born, there would be months at a time in darkness, save for the moon and it's brilliant entourage of stars.

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    Azerath nodded to a man who worked a fire. The man pulled a rod of iron from the heart of the flames and held it for all to see. The end glowed orange and was shaped into a moon, the symbol of Requesta. Two other men held Ultier as the man with the rod pressed the hot iron to the face of the supplicant, beneath the left eye.

    As the men did this Azerath addressed the crowd, "The Archangel Azerath said to Saint Acario, 'From this day to the last of days, your people shall mark the flesh of their bodies with the symbol of Requesta so as to make it permanent, and she will watch over and protect you for Time and All Eternity,' with this act we renew the covenant with our Lady."

    Praise be to the Lady Requesta."
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    Caelitus Mihi Vires

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    Ultier dared not squint or grimace from the pain, for it would mark other areas of her soft skin and ruin the brand's shape. She didn't move even if the men held her large and toned body. Her muscles flexed and tensed to hold her fear and body in place. This was a matter of faith, courage, and willpower. Things she had learned harshly over her few years on this earth.

    Once she was released from the men's grip she would rise and face the crowd raise her head as if to show off the brand like a badge of honor. She would smile and hold back the tears of joy and pain. Only a single would come from the left eye, to which had the smoldering brand. It was a tear mixed with blood from the damage done to the skin. She whisked it away to ensure it wasn't seen.

    "Praise be to the Lady Requesta, and may I serve her until the end of Eternity and beyond!" she'd shout like a warcry.

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