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    Council of Bishops

    Before the formation of the Magisterium and the appointment of a Patriarch, there will be a need for the Bishops to expand and alter the central tenants of the Church, or to make other major decisions. Other major decisions would be things such as excommunicating a Bishop, or getting the entire Requestian nation to declare a Holy War. In order to accomplish this, a Council consisting of all Bishops may be called by any existing Bishop. Here's how this should work:

    1. Any Bishop (or Bishops) may call a conclave in which every Bishop must be made aware and be invited to attend.

    a. A description of the items which will be discussed/voted on at the conclave must be made available to the other Bishops ahead of time.

    b. If an item is only to be discussed, and not voted on, it must be clearly indicated before the Bishops arrive for the conclave.

    c. Bishops are not required to attend, and are not required to RSVP.

    2. Conclave's should be held in-game if possible.

    a. Conclave's held over voice chat are still ok...just not as cool.

    3. The Bishop who calls the Conclave will decide the location and act as the presiding officer/host to the other Bishops.

    a. The first act of the presiding officer will be to oversee the election of a new presiding officer so that they can focus on hosting.

    b. The host will nominate a candidate, and ask for other nominations.

    c. Any Bishop may nominate another.

    d. If only one Bishop is nominated, they will become the presiding officer.

    e. If there is more than one nomination, a vote will occur in which the one with the most votes will be the presiding officer.

    f. The presiding officer will run the meeting. This includes doing things like, opening an item up for debate, calling for votes, deciding the type of votes that will take place, tallying votes, announcing the results ect.

    g. The host will be responsible for providing facilities, security, food/drink ect. - the host should be prepared for every Bishop to attend his conclave.

    h. The host will also act as secretary and will be responsible for sharing the decisions/minutes of the conclave with those Bishops who were not in attendance.

    i. If a group of Bishops throws a conclave together, they will each be consider hosts, and none of them will be eligible to act as the presiding officer.

    4. A Quorum of half the existing Bishops must be in attendance for the conclave's decisions to be valid.

    a. Of that Quorum, a majority vote must be obtained to add to the Church's doctrine.

    b. Of that Quorum, 2/3s votes must be obtained to change already established doctrine.

    c. It will be up to the presiding officer to decide the number of votes needed to make other major decisions facing the conclave binding.

    d. If a Quorum is not reached, votes may still be taken and the results shared.

    e. An item must be made available to be voted on at the conclave by the presiding officer unless it is clear that the item is for discussion only.

    f. Bishops may abstain from voting.

    5. Once a vote is taken, the presiding officer will announce the results and the conclave will move on to the next item.

    a. The previous item will be closed for discussion until the end of the conclave.

    b. Any item can be brought up again at a future conclave.

    c. There is no time limit required between conclaves, nor is it required to have conclaves at all.

    6. The conclave may only vote on the items that were provided ahead of time, but other items may be brought up and discussed at the conclave.

    a. Non-binding votes may be taken on these items and their results shared.

    7. Once all items are discussed/voted on, the presiding officer may close the conclave.

    a. Bishops are required to adhere to the decisions of the conclave.
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