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    The Book of Spero

    Book of Spero

    The original writings of Spero are lost to us. That which follows has been passed down by word of mouth for generations. It is not Doctrine, but it helps guide the Church. The Church eagerly awaits the arrival of a new prophet to guide the Church in earnest. The signs of the prophet's arrival are a closely guarded secret.

    At the dawning of man's birth there were many gods in the heavens. Some of these gods hated man, and wished them harm. Others loved man, and wished to protect them. The greatest of which were Solaris and his Lady Lunaris. A war was fought among the gods and the forces of Solaris and Lunaris were triumphant. Those who hated man were cast out of the heavens to slink about the bowels of the earth. Peace reigned and life was good for man.

    The beings that were cast out of the heavens were left to rot and fester in the recesses of the earth. In their hatred they became something dark and sinister. Though cast out of the heavens, they found new powers in the darkness, and their influence began to creep towards the surface. War, famine, plague, and death were visited upon man. Once where man knew only virtues, there was now greed, lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, wrath, and pride.

    Solaris and Lunaris saw what was happening and in their love for man, gave of themselves to create Requesta. She was a greater god then either they, but the act destroyed them utterly.

    Requesta first created the sun, and named it Sol. She next created the moon, and named it Luna. The creatures below hated the sun and moon and rose up to destroy them. For an age the war raged on until a deal was struck. The day would be for man, but at night the darkness would be allowed to surface. However, no harm should be visited upon man, least they face Requesta's justice.

    Now man walks free during the day in relative safety from the evils of the world, except for those they visit upon one another, and Requesta sits in vigil on her Lunar Palace during the night to protect man from the evil which dwells within the shadow.

    Requesta, the god of gods, empowers man to act as her divine agents upon the earth. Anyone may protect their family with a prayer, give blessings for soldiers before battle, and even extract malevolent spirits from the possessed by invoking her name. Yea, even the impossible becomes mundane for a man of sufficient faith in Requesta.

    However, it is only those who dedicate their lives to the study of her teachings that may speak for the goddess. So it is said, while any faithful Requestian may act as The Hand of God, only the priesthood may be The Voice of God, and it is the duty of all men to heed her words and obey. And so, we ought be wary of false prophets. They can be as wily, and dangerous as a fox within a hen house.

    Requesta is the god of gods, and the Prince of Princes. It is her will that rules upon the earth, and Requesta empowers men to rule over one another. These men need not be born into their station. Indeed, the ability to rule is a gift granted to those men of faith that she deems worthy. We know these men to be both of great wisdom, ability, and just. A ruler who was once just, but is now unjust, has lost the favor of the goddess, and should be opposed. Either by other just rulers, or by their own subjects.

    Men may spot these leaders for themselves. Yet once chosen, it is not for the Hand of God to decide which rulers to oppose, that falls upon the Voice, and it is the duty of all men to heed her words and obey.

    It is by these rules we organize our Church. The Voice administers the Church, and sets down policy in accordance with the will of Requesta. The Hand follows that policy and enacts Her will.

    Positions of leadership in the Church are earned through ability and service. They are not inherited through birthright, and we look more favorably upon governments that share this belief. However, we offer unwavering support to the sovereign ruler of every Requestian nation unless they have truly fallen from grace.

    Men fear death as they fear the unknown. But Requesta tells us to meet death with a gracious heart. For a life which has been given in service to her and glorified her name shall not have cause to fear. A life which has been lived in her service and in service of her children shall not have cause to fear. For the spirits of the faithful shall sit with her for eternity in a palace of their desires. And we shall sanctify these people, and we shall call them holy. We will hold them forth as an example to be followed.

    But those who have erred in their lives, or have never come to know the goddess, have hope. For the spirit never truly dies, but may be born anew. So again, I say, do not fear death, and serve the goddess in good faith.
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