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    Mercenaries and Paladins of Requesta

    The Church* forbids the priesthood from taking life, even in defense of their own person, lest they grow fond of it. The clergy of the Church never takes up arms to harm another, unless it is in defense of their nation, an innocent Requestian, or when a Holy War is declared. In the last case, taking up arms is compulsory. Even in these cases, the clergy should try to limit themselves to supporting roles such as the binding of wounds, running of messages, and maintenance of supplies.

    However, the clergy belong to Requesta and their lives should not be thrown away needlessly. So to protect their earthly bodies, the clergy rely on the hiring of mercenaries to defend them in peace and in war.

    The Basilica of Saint Beraneous in Sociao was built on a large hill in the center of the city called Palantine. Mercenaries who distinguish themselves through loyalty, strength of arms, and valor are trusted to guard the Basilica on Palantine Hill. These men are referred to as Paladins.

    While once this term was used only to refer to those who were stationed on Palantine Hill, it has now come to refer to any who are trusted enough to act as the personal guard of the Patriarchs or who are stationed at significant Basilicas/Cathedrals throughout the Requestian Nations.

    A man may only be elevated to the position of Paladin by the Council of Bishops, or a Patriarch.

    *(Please note: This is Church doctrine with no backing from scripture.)
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