Welcome to the Republic of the Silver Sun. We are a Roleplaying, Player vs Player (RP-PvP) community that prides itself on a longstanding tradition of coordination, organization teamed up with a deep lore and rich history.

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The lore of the Republic is built around a challenging of the tired rhetoric of Good vs. Evil as a standard method of story telling. We recognize that Good people do Evil things and more often than not it is a matter of perspective when we are merely attempting to servive. This is not to say that there is no sense of morality, but rather a more realistic approach to how we define our culture and nation as a whole.

The obvious center of the Republic lore is the Silver Sun. This allows us several concepts to play with in our background. A sun of silver is either literally the moon or methaphorically a rejection of the standard symbology of a golden sun. Many early tribes of man worshipped the sun as a golden idol. Rejecting this notion allows the departure from the mainstream and gives life to cynical views of standard deities or leads to the exploration of more creative alternatives.

We’re Not Your Traditional Roleplay!

The Republic takes a different approach than most guilds to RP. Our roleplay is encouraged through our structure, the events we host, the environment we create. It is not enforced through strict rules that hinder true freedom to explore your world and your character. Roleplay that happens spontaneously through actual immersion is far more enjoyable and true to the spirit of the concept than something forced or carried out only on a set of forums.

Our background stories are limited and very short allowing all the members of the guild to contribute through live events that are planned to a minimum to draw out a more realistic and natural flow. In the Republic, you will find secret socities not advertised in public; you will find rumors that will force you to pick a side and find your “truth.”

We are bringing ROLE back into ROLEPLAY where everyone has their own story to discover.

Want to know more? Check out our Wiki for more about our Lore


The Republic is structured after historically accurate interpretations of Renaissance Italy, specifically Florence and Venice modified to make the complex social and economic systems usuable in most competitive, sandbox MMORPGs. The hybrid democratic-feudal system lends itself well to most online games allowing for a flexible logistic and combat structure that feels natural to most players who crave coordination and organization.

The Constitution of the Republic outlines the way the nation is run from the central government to provinces spread throughout other games. Each gathering of citizens has a special purpose designed to ensure communication and ideas flow in all directions. The general citizenry has access to all levels of leadership with crafters having circles of their own to focus on ensuring the economy remains strong.

Progression in the Republic is open to all at all social levels and allows for sub-groups to join and retain their identity. The social structure also allows ambitious citizens the opportunity to start their own sub-guilds under the banner of the Republic and grow their own group of loyal members, but with a degree of autonomy.

Having numbered in the hundreds in the past and as few as several throughout the ages, the military of the Republic has always been known as a well-coordinated and structured unit. Based on historical armies and flexible enough to work with modern strategies and tactics, the soldiers of the Republic organize themselves into small teams that build upon each level to produce one of the most well discplined and organized fighting forces in the field no matter the challenge.

How to Join

Immigrating to the Republic is an opportunity for you to learn about your new nation and for us to learn about you. The process itself is rather simple and begins with a potential member joining our Discord server.

Prefects are officer who are assigned to helping new members. You will experience a short trial period during which you will be expected to stay active and get to know your future fellow members. Those who show activity will be accepted quickly, while those who don’t register on our Discord may be immigrants forever.

  1. Join our Discord Server.
  2. (Not ready yet, coming soon, skip for now) Register with our Prefect Bot.
  3. Get Promoted to Full Citizen.

Join our Discord Server.

Join our Discord server and get to know everyone; stay active in-game and contribute. If you need help, ask for a Prefect on our Discord server.

Register with our Prefect Bot.

(coming soon, not ready yet so you can skip for now) Use !register [] to register yourself and gain access to our website for guides and tutorials. Our Discord Prefect Bot will Direct Message you and send an email with an Authentication Key for registration on our website. Registration will also put you on our Mailing List for our periodic newsletter.

Get Promoted to Full Citizen

Once you complete the immigration process you will be promoted as a citizen on the forums and in-game.