Life is Feudal

Life is Feudal is a conquest, kingdom building, open PvP MMORPG complete with the freedom to build wherever and however you wish backed by a solid terraforming system, twitch combat

SSR operates on both Telmun and Buyan. Our presence on Buyan serves as a Forward Operating Base for PvP and Telmun provides reachback support for our crafters and more casual players. No matter your playstyle, we have plenty of opportunities; even if you're like most of us who change our playstyle based on RL fluctuations, we can still help accommodate you as a gamer.

Life is Feudal

  • Game Design Done the Silver Sun Republic Way -

    It’s What We’ve Always Talked About … For as long as anyone can remember we’ve always had big ideas in the Republic and most of the core group will share stories of our grand plans whether it was to open our own game store or design our own video games. Well, we’ve knocked a few of […]

  • Life is Feudal MMO Launches 17 Nov 2017 -

    Well technically it’s the Launch of the Open beta….but there’s no more wipes! So of all intensive purposes this is truly the launch we’ve been training and waiting for. SSR is making some last tweaks to our launch plans so we can ensure we have the best launch strategy possible. If you purchased Life is […]

  • Life is Feudal Screenshots from SSR and Hyperion -

    As we gear up for Life is Fedual and the ‘Soft Launch’ that will effectively serve as the actual release of the game, we figured we’d throw some screenshots at you from our time testing and preparing for the next phase titled “Open Beta.” Make sure you  check out the Discord server and get ready […]

  • The Republic Marches to War! -

    Onward, dear citizens, to victory for the almighty Republic under the guiding light of our Radiant Lady, Requesta! His Grace, the Doge beckons to all who would hear his voice and summons all able bodied citizens to take up arms in service to the Crowned Republic of the Silver Sun.  Take up the sword, bow, […]

  • Life is Feudal – Recruiting Helps the Republic Grow! -

    Recruiting is essential to the survival of our community and it’s not just a job for the officers.  The more everyone recruits, the more activity you can benefit from having throughout the Republic. Since we’re currently most active in Life is Feudal, we want to offer up a menu of various threads to keep an […]

  • Social Progression in the Republic of the Silver Sun -

    A brand new citizen will start as an Immigrant being brought into the capital city to register with one of the Prefects and offered beginniner training as well as starter equipment. Once an Immigrant has demonstrated basic competency, registered on the forums and logged onto the Discord server they are assigned to a Fiefdom or […]

  • Are You Using Your LiF App? -

    Minigames are out now thanks to the Life is Feudal App that can be downloaded via the Apple and Google Play stores. What does the app do for me? Well, first off it lets you track on the status of the servers from your phone, which is great for those of us who have busy […]

  • Calling for Reinforcements! -

    Written by Hannibal Amerys Good Evening fellow Republic Citizens, It is, I, Hannibal, Ranger of the Garrison; I send this raven for hope of reinforcements to the {US} Feudal Realms server.  It is a land with lots of resources, and population, but currently it is in state of chaos and war, which is why I decided to follow […]

  • Life is Feudal: Your Own Server Arrangement -

    With the MMO looming on the horizon there are still several objectives and goals that the SSR has to achieve and we’re using our LiF:YO servers to sort it all out.  We have determined our build order for facilities as well as skill tree progression and what is needed to maximize our efficiency.  Since we […]