How to Join

Immigrating to the Republic is an opportunity for you to learn about your new nation and for us to learn about you. The process itself is rather simple and begins with a potential member registering on our forums. During registration we will ask you several questions to gauge your level of interest and potential match to the Republic. The application process is meant to help us get to know you while the trial membership phase allows you to get to know us.

Prefects are officer who are assigned to helping new members. You will experience a short trial period during which you will be expected to stay active and get to know your future fellow members. Those who show activity will be accepted quickly, while those who don’t register on the forums or stay active may be immigrants forever.


1. Register for the site and fill out the application during registration.

2. Complete the immigration process; Join our TeamSpeak 3 and/or Discord server(s), participate in-game and post on the Forums.
(Prefects are the officers that are designated to assist immigrants and newcomers)

3. Once you complete the immigration process you will be promoted as a citizen on the forums and in-game.