Wurm Online

The Republic of the Silver Sun maintains its own Wurm Unlimited Server using a custom map that was developed specifically for our use. Currently, the server is closed to the public while we develop the map within our community.

Our very own custom made map for Wurm Unlimited.

We are also working on a connected server to which you can sail using boats in the game that will be a pixel for pixel recreated custom heightmap featuring SSR's own lore driven world. Join us in our quest to bring our storylines to life in a living and breathing world created by our community. Wurm Online is our platform to continue building new stories beyond what we have already created. Live forever in our community!

You can get more details on how to join us by visiting our Discord Server.

Live Map of our Aquileia World

In order to add the world map to the in-game map feature, head on over to our Wiki and follow the instructions.