Are You Using Your LiF App?

Minigames are out now thanks to the Life is Feudal App that can be downloaded via the Apple and Google Play stores. What does the app do for me? Well, first off it lets you track on the status of the servers from your phone, which is great for those of us who have busy schedules between ‘significant other’ aggro and planning out our evenings. Perhaps even more importantly, it features the minigames that are now present in the MMO.

You can even invite guests using a ‘guest link’ so your unsuspecting friends and family can enjoy mindless hours of fun and benefit your game time in Life is Feudal. Think of it as bringing your family closer together through slav … I mean semi-voluntary labor. You can opt to use results from the minigames to replace your standard timer resulting in faster completion of various tasks. As of right now the minigames will enable the use of result pools for Logging, Mining, Herb Gathering, Materials Prep, Bowyering and Smithing.

While the minigames aren’t amazing, they do help pass the time and will contribute to your results in the game when you finally find time to log in. With the slowing of the skill gain in the MMO compared to what most people are used to in Your Own, anything will help especially if you can do while you’re not logged in an actively playing.

Bottom line, make sure you grab the app and start building up your result pools for when it truly counts!


For the main post from the devs, you can find the link HERE.

Calling for Reinforcements!

Written by Hannibal Amerys

Good Evening fellow Republic Citizens,

It is, I, Hannibal, Ranger of the Garrison; I send this raven for hope of reinforcements to the {US} Feudal Realms server.  It is a land with lots of resources, and population, but currently it is in state of chaos and war, which is why I decided to follow The Church Of Soldeus into this land, these people need soldeus and order into their hearts; meaningless barbarism and violence has plagued this land for ages. The Church has established a monastery for any who seek soldeus to come into their hearts, and it has worked, many have come in pilgrimage to the monastery.

But there are also the northmen who seek to drive us off the land, they hate soldeus and believe in a god called the “Cookie Monster” another name for Umbra.  It is for this reason I call upon any SSR reinforcements to join us, and to establish a SSR Colony not far from the Monastery.

long ago there were a band of foresters who lived in this area, because of them the trees are of high quality and good for building. the distance from the monastery is a minute walk.

We have successfully defended ourselves from raiders & bandits several times, but I fear the raiders plan a great siege next week, which is why we need reinforcements from Hyperion.

Citizens who are looking for opportunity, this is your chance; there is plenty of land to farm, ample work and lots of populace to convert.  ((Let me know if interested, in discord, PM Hannibal Amerys))


This is a very good opportunity to practice teamwork, PvP, and cooperation with those from our Kingdom.  The skill cap will not be 400 like the MMO but we can still get a lot of experience from this server.  Good luck and good night fellow members of the Republic.

Life is Feudal: Your Own Server Arrangement

With the MMO looming on the horizon there are still several objectives and goals that the SSR has to achieve and we’re using our LiF:YO servers to sort it all out.  We have determined our build order for facilities as well as skill tree progression and what is needed to maximize our efficiency.  Since we have determined the core elements of our game plan the next step is to push PvP readiness and fleshing out combat mechanics.

As a result we’re opening up the Hyperion MMO Prep server and boosting the skill gain total to 30x.  The purpose of Hyperion server will be to encourage PvP while the SSR MMO Prep server remains focused on skill and building progression.  The skill totals will remain at 400 to reflect the MMO settings.  An audit of skill and stat totals will help ensure fairness between all the participants of the servers.

Both servers can be located by looking for followed by Hyperion PvP Prep for the skill gain boosted server and the SSR MMO Prep for the reduced skill gain to simulate the MMO’s progression rate.

Coming Soon: Branch Pages

Coming up shortly we’ll be rolling out pages with information specific to each branch.  As forums start to become a thing of the past we’re working to take advantage of ways to present you with the latest news and information about the Republic.  EVE Online and Life is Feudal will be our starting branch pages to serve up guides, news and info about what we’re doing in each of those games.  Look for other content including lore and history articles as well as Op Ed pieces about the games we’re playing and the state of the gaming industry.  Our whole effort is centered around you, our members, so if you’re interested in contributing, please step up and help out!

New Front Page and WordPress plus Discord Integration


Great news for the Republic and all her citizens with the install of the new WordPress Install and Discord Integration.  From now on any new posts on our website and our Steam community will be automatically pushed to Discord.  We can control several feed sources for Discord to include the forums, Facebook and Twitch.  We will be integrating this new streamlined content management system across several platforms making Discord and our website the primary starting points to which everyone can access content about the Republic and the Kingdom of Hyperion.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be pulling everything together to create one continuous stream of information and content to help keep everyone informed and help spread the good news about what the Republic and her citizens are accomplishing!

In Service to the Republic,

Bernardo dei Medici

Doge of the Republic