Life is Feudal: Your Own Server Arrangement

With the MMO looming on the horizon there are still several objectives and goals that the SSR has to achieve and we’re using our LiF:YO servers to sort it all out.  We have determined our build order for facilities as well as skill tree progression and what is needed to maximize our efficiency.  Since we have determined the core elements of our game plan the next step is to push PvP readiness and fleshing out combat mechanics.

As a result we’re opening up the Hyperion MMO Prep server and boosting the skill gain total to 30x.  The purpose of Hyperion server will be to encourage PvP while the SSR MMO Prep server remains focused on skill and building progression.  The skill totals will remain at 400 to reflect the MMO settings.  An audit of skill and stat totals will help ensure fairness between all the participants of the servers.

Both servers can be located by looking for followed by Hyperion PvP Prep for the skill gain boosted server and the SSR MMO Prep for the reduced skill gain to simulate the MMO’s progression rate.

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