Article-ception! An Article About Writing Articles

Article-ception! An Article About Writing Articles


Article-ception! An Article About Writing Articles

One of the best ways to generate content and extend the exposure of the Kingdom is to author content and the main mechanic for doing so take the form of articles.  Guild structure, history, lore, RP stories, game news and updates, and multimedia from the game are all perfect topics to help push content to draw viewers in to visit the website and explore all that we have to offer.

We have installed and activated several plugins that make sharing that content and spreading it throughout social media and within the website itself a breeze.  Much of what we post as articles will be spread throughout the website, Facebook and Discord automatically.  The Silver Sun Republic has also set up automated sharing plugins that will pull from the website when articles are categorized for Kingdom of Hyperion.

In order to ensure the content lands in the right spot, it needs to be categorized correctly.  Hyperion currently hosts several categories, some that are specific to each of our member guilds, a category for guides, one for events and yet another for Life is Roleplay, which is the LiF:YO server that we operate.

Additionally, adding tags to the post help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and allow viewers to find similar articles that might interest them.  The website also hosts an automated sharing plugin that will pull each of the posts to Facebook allowing for more exposure on social media.  Couple that with the Discord bot that automatically posts articles in a channel on the Discord Server and we’ve got ourselves a baseline sharing network that pulls viewers into our main site.  From there, each member guild can advertise themselves and market what makes them unique to potential recruits leading to players finding the right home to join up with and begin their time within the Kingdom.

Anyone who wants to contribute content can submit a writing sample to Brando and you can begin posting articles once an account has been created for you on the site.  It’s a great way to promote the Kingdom, your guild and of course, yourself.

So, remember, when posting make sure you choose the right category, add some tags, throw in a featured image and get that post published.  All of these additional features can found on the right hand side of the Post page making it easy to follow from the top to the bottom setting up the post to be the most effective it can be.

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