Kingdom of Hyperion Hosts a New RP Experience for LiF: YO

Kingdom of Hyperion Hosts a New RP Experience for LiF: YO


Kingdom of Hyperion Hosts a New RP Experience for LiF: YO

There are a lot of Roleplaying communities out among the myriad of MMOs these days, so results may vary when selecting one to join.  The Kingdom of Hyperion has always adopted a practical roleplay approach to the question of, “what’s the best balance to strike?” when it comes to encouraging RP interaction in open PvP games.  Now they’re taking that approach and bending it to flex to the mechanics of Life is Feudal: Your Own on a custom map called Riverside.  The fresh ideas of curated Roleplay mesh perfectly with the new landscape that the custom map provides.  Thanks to TerraTool that was built by Nyuton (Open TerraTool in a New Window) players can now load new maps and tweak the original one using a relatively straight forward process.

The server is called [US] | Riverside Map | RP PvP Events and can be found through the in-game server list.

Step into the Kingdom of Hyperion

So what is “curated roleplay?”  Essentially, it is the answer to the frustration felt by gamers who want to play on an RP server, but don’t want a laundry list of rules to have to follow.  Often times admins of other servers approach typical griefing and ganking scenarios with the best of intentions, but come out the other side with a quagmire of rules and procedures to accomplish even the simplest of PvP skirmishes.  Hyperion is looking to turn that problem set on its head and offer a slimmer set of rules that don’t require a criminal investigation the likes of which NCIS wouldn’t even touch to prove or disprove who didn’t follow the codified laws of the RP server.  Instead, through the presence of the different groups of Hyperion on the server, the players police themselves.  The political climate of the map ensure that groups look out for others and that PvP is encouraged and in fact, driven by the interaction with the Kingdom which provides the stage and the backdrop for conflict.

Hyperion patrols are meant to engage new groups coming to the server acting as emissaries on behalf of the crown.  The Kingdom has been given guidance to act as a non-belligerent entity in the affairs of those outside the borders of the crownlands.  Instead of picking all the fights, the Kingdom will work to quell conflict between those living on the frontier.  GMs will still be present to deal with glitches and bugs as well as exploiters, but interaction between groups is outside of their realm.

Organic Conflict is Best Conflict

With each of the principal shires of Hyperion being mostly settled in their structures and rosters, they are in a unique position to act as the third party to many of the conflicts that will arise on the server.  Groups who come in to construct peaceful settlements will be able to trade with the other shires and participate in trade markets.  Those who are more aggressive will be able to engage Hyperion patrols, ambush VIP convoys and trade missions out to the other settlements.  Overtly aggressive groups will find themselves at odds with Hyperion and can find the PvP that they desire as both sides are given the opportunity to prepare for the MMO organically rather than through scripted events and battles.

Slim Rules for Slim Administration; Let Them Play!

The rules are pretty straight forward and restricts most PvP to the wilderness between claims, but does give the ability for groups to pursue PvP consensual on claim.  Judgement is coming soon once the population rises, but for now the goal is to encourage wilderness PvP without the need to give warning or lose the element of surprise.  PvPers may bombard a claim or any point on the map with ranged weapons so there is still an aspect of danger, but if a claim is built up properly then players will be able to weather the raid unless they feel inclined to allow the assailants to enter their claim and PvP as they wish.

  1. No Judgement Hour on the server (subject to change soon); No PvP initiated on claims unless the owning guild consents, but PvP does not require contact or consent off claims.  Ranged and siege weapons may be fired into claims at any time.
  2. No claim camping.  If a cease fire is declared by the claim owning group, consensual PvP ends and attackers must clear off the claim.
  3. No PvP in the starter city including ranged and siege weapons fired into the claim area.

The only spot where No PvP at all is enforced is in the starter city, which serves as the Capitol for the Kingdom of Hyperion.  The expectation in the Kingdom is that travel will be safe unless raiders are able to break through the Kingdom’s borders and roam freely, unfettered by the soldiers of Hyperion.

To Sum it All Up

Overall, the server rules are an answer to gapping the distance between RP and PvP to maintain the element of danger, but to encourage interaction and immersion beyond just griefing and ganking.  The rules are subject to change and most likely will at some point, but for now we’re looking to push out a focus on the interaction between groups to enhance the game and develop more depth.

In order to join, search for [US] | Riverside Map | RP PvP Events on the server list.

Our website also has rules and a live map to give you a feel for the layout of the server that can be found at

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