Return to the Republic — What Are We Playing Now?

Now is the time to return to the Republic. Why? Because we have a multitude of benefits and new projects coming up, not the least of which are our game branches. Whether you crave open sandbox PvP, online D&D sessions, custom tabletop gaming or mobile games, we have something for everyone and that includes you!

PC Game Branches


We’re still involved in Atlas on the NA-PvP server with a presence in three different sectors, so there’s plenty to do and experience in the world with your SSR tags on. We have PvP on the regular, whaling, treasure maps, and soon the power stones to explore and progress through the PvE content. Join up on the NA-PvP server and let us know you want in on the Company so we can get you tagged up and into one of our bases.

Life is Feudal MMO: v 0.2.0

Life is Feudal has kicked back up on a fresh new map that is 3 times the size from the original! It’s a brand new map that promises to improve upon a lot of the glitches and bugs from the previous versions. Already a lot of quality of life improvements have made their way into the game and our activity has spiked through the roof. A lot of familiar faces have made their way back into the fold and we’re moving forward on a game plan to build up our presence again. This time we’re seeking new allies and new friends to rebuild the Republic in our image. Hop on the game and transfer your character from Epleland (the old NA servers were wiped…) to Godenland. Make sure you hop on Discord at to get the monument code so you don’t have to run halfway across the map … trust me, it’s a massive run from any of the new four starter towns unless you get lucky and get the southern one so you’ll want the code.

We’re already pumping out houses, gear, food, and whatever else you need to get ready for the PvP and adventure that awaits you with the new PvE content (NPCs are in and they’re not easy…) along with a brand new skilling system that works even when you’re offline.

Dungeons and Dragons Night

Yup, we’re adding a D&D night on Thursdays with Brando as the DM using the SSR gameworld as the campaign setting. You’ll want to create a character in D&D beyond and export a PDF to get loaded into Fantasy Grounds. Don’t worry, you won’t have to purchase Fantasy Grounds, just download the free demo because Brando already owns the DM version so it’s free for you to connect to the server.

What’s different about this campaign? Well, it’s in the SSR world for one and for another it will eventually be replaced with a custom ruleset that some of the members have been working on that will get its own Kickstarter in about August of 2019. Want to help in the development? All you have to do is play on Thursdays and your feedback will help further the game rules. The system is going to be used for both a D&D style game, but also translate into a grand scale tabletop miniatures game like Warhammer 40K or many of the other historic miniatures rulesets out there.

SSR Made Games and Content

SSR Miniatures and Adventure Game

As was alluded to in the previous section, we have SSR content under way in the form of a Miniatures and Adventure game ruleset with a Kickstarter coming up in the next several months. We’re also laying the foundation for a mobile game and eventually a series of PC games. The best way to get involved is to stay active in the community because we’ll be dropping surprise game tests on people in the form of game nights.

Republic Online Store

Teaming up with our Brick and Mortar location in El Paso, Texas, we are going to start offering SSR related items for purchase that will help fund our projects and expand what we offer to the community. Look for T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers and a whole lot more for purchase. You’ll even get a discount just by being an SSR member!

Your Membership Earns You Real $$$!

No, this is not a scam or one of those pyramid schemes floating around the internet. That’s right, your membership and your time in the Republic could earn you discounts and gift cards to be redeemed through our brick and mortar store or online webstore coming up real soon through Military Gamer Supply! Are you a member who contributes often and earns Writs of Service? Those Writs are worth discounts on our webstore and soon so will unique contributions by members as awarded through various Letters and membership to our various prestigious orders. It’s all part of an effort to recognize and award contributions to the Republic.

Some items up for sale include custom stickers, mugs, T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, and even miniatures featuring your character. Are you a DM for a local DnD group? Awesome, well we’ve got all the handbooks and campaign books for sale on the upcoming webstore. Need a playmat for your group? We’ve got that too. We have dice, miniatures, books, terrain pieces and even spell effects! (Yuuup, we’ve got spell effect miniatures and templates for area coverage by some of your favorite pew pew spells.)

When it comes to RP games, we’ve got you covered, but wait, that’s not all! We also have miniatures and accessories for some of your tabletop games including Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K, Flames of War (World War II miniatures), Team Yankee (Cold War), ancient historical minis and a ton more. We’re also launching our own Kickstarter in roughly 6 months to get our own line of minis and a tabletop game ruleset launched. What’s the best part of that? You’ll get a discount and a tier upgrade on that too just for being an active SSR member!

It’s all part of a way to say, ‘thank you,’ for being a part of our 15 years of history and add a little more of an incentive for continuing to game with us for many more to come.

BONUS: If you’re a streamer, you can also qualify for our streaming affiliate program set up and run through the Military Gamer Network. Sign up today through (for current and former US Military) or Silver Sun Republic (all others!) and get started so we can get you ahead of the rush and qualify for giveaways for your stream.

Parlamento to Consider Bill on Loyalty

After years of operating as an “open” community, the Republic now faces issues with slipping activity due to members being part of multiple gaming communities. As the MMO population continues to thin, measures to retain activity need to be taken in the face of other communities taking the same approach. Options currently being mulled include automatic shifts to Zingari rank during flagship games with restricted access to Discord channels and a return to the rank of Popolani when members come active again.

Other, more extreme measures include investigations into sedition and treason as information is leaked to potential adversaries whether the actions are malicious or not. The current Constitution allows for actions to be taken against those who commit acts of treason and sedition.

What is ultimately being weighed is the difference between malicious and general acts of treason and enacting similar policies that a lot of competitive PvP groups have begun to implement.

You can voice your opinions in the general discussion area or attend this Saturday’s guild meeting on Discord at 7 PM CST.