Parlamento to Consider Bill on Loyalty

After years of operating as an “open” community, the Republic now faces issues with slipping activity due to members being part of multiple gaming communities. As the MMO population continues to thin, measures to retain activity need to be taken in the face of other communities taking the same approach. Options currently being mulled include automatic shifts to Zingari rank during flagship games with restricted access to Discord channels and a return to the rank of Popolani when members come active again.

Other, more extreme measures include investigations into sedition and treason as information is leaked to potential adversaries whether the actions are malicious or not. The current Constitution allows for actions to be taken against those who commit acts of treason and sedition.

What is ultimately being weighed is the difference between malicious and general acts of treason and enacting similar policies that a lot of competitive PvP groups have begun to implement.

You can voice your opinions in the general discussion area or attend this Saturday’s guild meeting on Discord at 7 PM CST.

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