Your Membership Earns You Real $$$!

No, this is not a scam or one of those pyramid schemes floating around the internet. That’s right, your membership and your time in the Republic could earn you discounts and gift cards to be redeemed through our brick and mortar store or online webstore coming up real soon through Military Gamer Supply! Are you a member who contributes often and earns Writs of Service? Those Writs are worth discounts on our webstore and soon so will unique contributions by members as awarded through various Letters and membership to our various prestigious orders. It’s all part of an effort to recognize and award contributions to the Republic.

Some items up for sale include custom stickers, mugs, T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, and even miniatures featuring your character. Are you a DM for a local DnD group? Awesome, well we’ve got all the handbooks and campaign books for sale on the upcoming webstore. Need a playmat for your group? We’ve got that too. We have dice, miniatures, books, terrain pieces and even spell effects! (Yuuup, we’ve got spell effect miniatures and templates for area coverage by some of your favorite pew pew spells.)

When it comes to RP games, we’ve got you covered, but wait, that’s not all! We also have miniatures and accessories for some of your tabletop games including Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K, Flames of War (World War II miniatures), Team Yankee (Cold War), ancient historical minis and a ton more. We’re also launching our own Kickstarter in roughly 6 months to get our own line of minis and a tabletop game ruleset launched. What’s the best part of that? You’ll get a discount and a tier upgrade on that too just for being an active SSR member!

It’s all part of a way to say, ‘thank you,’ for being a part of our 15 years of history and add a little more of an incentive for continuing to game with us for many more to come.

BONUS: If you’re a streamer, you can also qualify for our streaming affiliate program set up and run through the Military Gamer Network. Sign up today through (for current and former US Military) or Silver Sun Republic (all others!) and get started so we can get you ahead of the rush and qualify for giveaways for your stream.

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