SSR Server Migration Complete! So What Now?

SSR Server Migration and What it Means

This week we finished the SSR web server migration and the wiki to their own servers using Amazon Web Services. Now that we’re on the new servers we can do so much more with our websites. Not only do we have full access to the shell, but we’re leveraging iptables and some other security features to cut back on negative traffic hitting the site.

Along with this effort, we dropped the forums, but we’re working on bringing in a mash up of what the forums used to do and Discord. It may look a little bit like Slack or Trello in that we will capture certain topics from Discord and serve them up as their own threads.

We Built a Network of Sites

This has also led to the migration of all the other Network websites including my own and We’ll be leveraging those sites to build upon our SEO rating so in the future when we jump into a game like Chronicles of Elyria or any other MMO, we’ll be showing up in results for X game guild, or MMO guild, or any other keywords. By networking all of our sites together with backlinks, we can increase our Domain Authority and in turn show up sooner in certain search results. A lot of SEO companies try to fake this content. We have legitimate relationships between these sites, so it will help us increase everyone’s ratings.

Just the Beginning …

The SSR server migration is just the beginning of getting our website back up and running. As we gear up for Chronicles of Elyria you’ll be seeing a whole lot more activity including our newsletter coming back online.

Make sure you check out some of the past branch pages, including ATLAS, EVE, and Life is Feudal to get a feel of what we’re trying to capture. ATLAS is probably the best example as it includes galleries from the game, which is what we want to encourage so we can record our past. The Wiki is also running and it captures much of our history and serves as a reference for the future.

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