Brand New Account System with Bots!

We used bots in Life is Feudal, but we’ve upped the ante a bit with integration with the website. Samson and Brando have been working on prepping our website and the Prefect Bot to be able to allow users to register on both the Discord and the site. We hope this will help integrate more of our systems like the SSR bank, contracting, etc. and allow us to cut down admin by our members relying more on bots to do the work.

How Will it Work?

I’m glad you asked! Look for it to work like this:

  1. User goes to the website and fills out the User Registration form
  2. User receives an email with a password and Discord server info
  3. User logs into the site, resets their password and retrieves their Discord Key
  4. User enters our Discord Server and uses !immigrate
  5. The Prefect Bot will then DM them and ask for the Discord Key as it notices they have registered on the site. The user responds with the Discord Key from their account.
  6. Prefect Bot links the accounts and sets their Role on both the Discord and the Website to Immigrant.

What About After That?

SSR Ministers and Prefects will use !promote [username] to advance people from Immigrant to higher ranks. The SSR Bank will also display bank balance for users in their Website profile. We can also use !joinBranch [branch name] to help track which branches and games people are interested in.

Even further than that, users will be able to do things like !claimdiscount [GameTitle] and use that key at This means that we can create a Loyalty Program for SSR and award points that you can turn into FREE and discounted stuff on a webstore that will take the referral sales and turn over a percentage of the profit to the guild to push for even more discounts and giveaways. It’s all part of creating a greater community that rewards its members.

I’m Not in SSR, Can I Benefit Too?

If you’re a member of, absolutely. We’re also working with Duchy of Wessex and others to bring the same bot and platform capabilities to those communities. We hope to use all of the referral sales to help offset years of paying for hosting costs out of community leaders’ pockets and focus on rewarding each of our affiliate communities.

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