Membership Loyalty Program Coming Soon

A Membership Loyalty Program that Serves YOU

It has been a long time coming and it’s almost here. Our Membership Loyalty Program is rolling out within the next few weeks. We tested a bit of it out with Ymir giving members 20% off using SSRYMIR20 as a code. That took the game from its regular price of $34.99 to $27.99. Soon you’ll be able to redeem our own currency for similar rewards. All this for over a much larger selection of games, gaming hardware, apparel and much more from Military Gamer Supply! You’ll even be able to redeem this same currency in future games as we work with developers and develop our own titles.

You can earn D&D miniatures just by being a part of the Republic!
Need minis for your D&D Campaign? Get them with our loyalty program!

The Loyalty Program Starts with Registration

Our Discord Bot is coming back online shortly with a few more commands added on to it. First, you’ll be able to link your account to our website where we’ll be offering a ton more features. You’ll use it to manage your Silver Sun Bank Account as well as a new premium currency that can be traded for discounts on the MGS webstore. The premium currency can be purchased using money gained by trading in our flagship games like Chronicles of Elyria, Atlas, Ymir, Life is Fedual or anything we’re hosting officially. New registrants will be able to use !immigrate to connect their Discord accounts to their website accounts. Existing members will be able to !link their accounts as well.

Sail with us and earn real rewards while you stock up on game treasure too. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Less Admin, More Fun, More Rewarding!

Those who volunteer to help out with recruiting will earn bounties in the form of the premium currency. Officers and Ministers will also earn a weekly “salary” of premium currency. Those who donate resources to the guild in games will also earn the currency. Some games will only earn the regular currency, but it can be traded up at a certain rate to the premium currency over time or once support for the game has ended by the Republic. Members will also be able to trade currency among themselves.

Enabling a Deeper Economy

The cool thing about this new Membership Loyalty Program is that Branch Leaders will be able to reward members with premium currency as well. Each Branch or Province will receive a set amount to give away to help encourage participation. The more you play with the Republic, the more you can earn!

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