Wurm Online Relaunch this Friday, 24th

The Wurm Online Relaunch is happening on Steam with brand new servers for the MMO and SSR will be there. We’ll be on the PvP server with a sizeable roster for the release of the MMO. This isn’t a Wurm Unlimited remake. It is the full MMO under the new management and ownership. As a result, new graphics, UI, tweaks to combat, and server rules make for an exciting experience. We’re hoping will lead to what SSR has always been about: strategy and organization that matter.

Check out the Steam Launch Trailer if you haven’t already seen it.

We’re Pulling Out all the Stops for the Wurm Online Relaunch

With the new Discord Bot system in place we’ve got a Prefect Bot that handles nearly all of our immigration tasks, plus a Minstrel Bot to play tunes for you while you mine, farm, build, and hunt. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be rolling out our currency system along with banking, marketplace, contracting, and awards. Moreover, you’ll be able to earn premium awards in the game that will translate to your profile here on the website.

Need some new dice for your D&D group? Earn enough premium currency with us in the community and you might just get them for free or heavily discounted through the community store. We’ve also got custom mugs, glasses, shirts, and other stuff coming out soon.

You can earn D&D miniatures just by being a part of the Republic! Earn points during the Wurm Online Relaunch and beyond.
Earn discounts on D&D minis for being an active member of the community!

Get on Discord. Get in the Game.

All of our coordination is taking place on the Discord with the usual mix of Google Sheets and Docs, so make sure you register today and join us for this next adventure. It’s shaping up to be quite the venture and we’re rolling out even more of what SSR does best in preparing and planning for the game.

See you on Friday, the 24th! We’re hoping the Wurm Online Relaunch will get the band back together.

New Branch Alert: Wurm Online – 24 July 20

With Wurm Online’s complete revamp of their UI, graphics, and other features there will be a new Steam launch of the game coming 24 July 2020 and members of SSR have expressed interest in joining. According to several Q&As, you will be able to join through the current official Wurm standalone client or via Steam, but the two accounts won’t link up or interact, so choose wisely.

To PvP or Not to PvP?

That is the current question. Currently there aren’t any indications that PvP servers will be reachable via boats from the PvE server, so we’ll need to pick whether or not we want to venture into the PvP side of the game. In the past we’ve always gone PvE since the combat mechanics were less than stellar. This go around though the animations and mechanics have been updated which may make it worth checking out for PvP.

The 24th is a Friday, so we’ll have lots of time over the weekend to get organized and figure out where we’re going to set up.

It’s All About the Ships

Ships. That’s what we do in Wurm. The plan is to build a harbor and set up for trade. That shouldn’t be too much of a stretch from the way we generally play other games. The hope is that it will scratch the building and sailing itch.

Stay Tuned!

If you’ve found this article by way of the website and aren’t part of the community yet, then join us at https://discord.silversunrepublic.com. Our new automated immigration system is open for use. Join the channel and follow the instructions to get your account set up. Then join the Wurm Branch and stay up to date on all of our Wurm related announcements.