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ARMA 3 Server Featuring SSR & MG

Combined Joint Task Force Viper has been an ongoing effort to coordinate game presence with We’ve utilized it in past games to include Elder Scrolls Online, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, and several other titles. It is the structure under which we seek to establish common Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures as well as a joint identity for our “alliance.” It hasn’t been as well pronounced in the past as our newest effort, which is to host an ARMA III server with the CJTF-V construct fully in place.

Community Hosted ARMA III Server

We are now hosting a 32-person server with a CJTF-V Task Org structure built into the game. The background for the server includes CJTF-V deploying to a Silver Sun Republic province in which Phase I and II operations have already taken place with players jumping right into Phase III. OPFOR are also on the island attempting to take over the province while both sides have to deal with partisan resistance to capture towns along the way to securing objectives.

Lean Yet Full Featured Mod List

We’ve add the USAF Mod which gives us access to some sweet CAS power

The server features the RHS and ACE mods expanding upon the original ARMA III functionality and implementing modern equipment for all three factions. Join us as we work to establish further communications SOPs and expand our library of TTPs as a combined and joint force adding in other elements as familiar faces from other communities add to our task force.

Perfect Training and Test Bed

Training includes Call for Fires, Close Air Support, Fire Direction Centers, Joint Operations Centers, Air Assault, ISR Operations, and operational level fire and maneuver planning. Come on out and join us no matter what you’re level of experience or past service. The goal is to have fun and learn so we can work better and closer together as a team.

Don’t have the game? Check it out on steam!

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