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Join the SSR ATLAS Server now!

Alongside ARMA 3, Space Engineers, and Ymir we’re running an ATLAS server while we wait for Darkside RP to come back online. The server currently hosts 6 grids with plans to expand up to 9 as population increases. Each week we’ll be hosting ship battles on Saturday evenings with prizes to be given away in game and gift cards from time to time.

The current server map

Get ATLAS on Sale on Steam for $5

Right now you can score ATLAS for $4.49 on Steam by checking out the Autumn Sale. At 80% off, this is a steal if you don’t have the game already. Our rules are pretty slim and all we ask is that you don’t Stone Age anyone while they’re offline. Other than that we figure the community doesn’t need any more guidance and that’s a reflection of our solid group. and Duchy of Wessex are on the server with us, so there are opportunities for PvP and joint ventures. As we go along we’ll be adding more features with our own mods and a series of tournaments and fight nights. If you’re around on Saturdays we’ll be doing hull class based battles. Build up your ship during the week, season it through PvE and then fight it out on the weekend.

We’re doing more to bring you SSR tailored content, so if there’s something you want to see on the server make sure you bring it up. Have a cool mod everyone would enjoy? Make a suggestion in the ATLAS channels. We’re able to recreate most of the mods out there so we know that they’ll work on our server.

Custom SSR Mods for our Server

We’ve tweaked the settings to meet our needs and accelerate building with a focus on making it easy to put ships to sea for PvP. Beyond that we’ll be working on our own mods alongside the ARMA III effort. Unlike most server hosts and admins, our goal is to build our own totally custom content so we can avoid overloading you with mods to download that are bloated with poor scripting and unnecessary features. Once we get the mods out there we’ll be tying them into our own community platform to give you more access to in game stats and features via our website and our Discord server.

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