Join the SSR ATLAS Server now!

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Alongside ARMA 3, Space Engineers, and Ymir we’re running an ATLAS server while we wait for Darkside RP to come back online. The server currently hosts 6 grids with plans to expand up to 9 as population increases. Each week we’ll be hosting ship battles on Saturday evenings with prizes to be given away in […]


ARMA 3 Server Featuring SSR & MG

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Combined Joint Task Force Viper has been an ongoing effort to coordinate game presence with We’ve utilized it in past games to include Elder Scrolls Online, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, and several other titles. It is the structure under which we seek to establish common Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures as well as a […]


Rebuilding the Site

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We’re revamping the website, so this lame post is all you get for now. Everything is being ported over from the previous site, so stand by and we’ll be getting everything back up and running quickly! In the meantime, check out our wiki at for lore and much more!

Wurm Online Relaunch this Friday, 24th

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The Wurm Online Relaunch is happening on Steam with brand new servers for the MMO and SSR will be there. We’ll be on the PvP server with a sizeable roster for the release of the MMO. This isn’t a Wurm Unlimited remake. It is the full MMO under the new management and ownership. As a […]

New Branch Alert: Wurm Online – 24 July 20

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With Wurm Online’s complete revamp of their UI, graphics, and other features there will be a new Steam launch of the game coming 24 July 2020 and members of SSR have expressed interest in joining. According to several Q&As, you will be able to join through the current official Wurm standalone client or via Steam, […]

User Registration Now Open for Use

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The long delayed improvements to the website are finally here which means we can start turning on all the other automated and expanded systems we’ve been working on for the community. This will enable us to do way more to support our presence in competitive MMOs and focus on building a larger community. Our vision […]

What is the Republic Doing Now?

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Gaming is the simple answer, but wait, there’s more! We’ve got several chapters going right now, but on top of that we’re always working on things “behind the scenes.” With the cancellation of Chronicles of Elyria we’re on the hunt for the next big chapter. In the meantime, though, we’ve got some options for you […]

Membership Loyalty Program Coming Soon

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A Membership Loyalty Program that Serves YOU It has been a long time coming and it’s almost here. Our Membership Loyalty Program is rolling out within the next few weeks. We tested a bit of it out with Ymir giving members 20% off using SSRYMIR20 as a code. That took the game from its regular […]

Brand New Account System with Bots!

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We used bots in Life is Feudal, but we’ve upped the ante a bit with integration with the website. Samson and Brando have been working on prepping our website and the Prefect Bot to be able to allow users to register on both the Discord and the site. We hope this will help integrate more […]