Wurm Online Relaunch this Friday, 24th

The Wurm Online Relaunch is happening on Steam with brand new servers for the MMO and SSR will be there. We’ll be on the PvP server with a sizeable roster for the release of the MMO. This isn’t a Wurm Unlimited remake. It is the full MMO under the new management and ownership. As a result, new graphics, UI, tweaks to combat, and server rules make for an exciting experience. We’re hoping will lead to what SSR has always been about: strategy and organization that matter.

Check out the Steam Launch Trailer if you haven’t already seen it.

We’re Pulling Out all the Stops for the Wurm Online Relaunch

With the new Discord Bot system in place we’ve got a Prefect Bot that handles nearly all of our immigration tasks, plus a Minstrel Bot to play tunes for you while you mine, farm, build, and hunt. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be rolling out our currency system along with banking, marketplace, contracting, and awards. Moreover, you’ll be able to earn premium awards in the game that will translate to your profile here on the website.

Need some new dice for your D&D group? Earn enough premium currency with us in the community and you might just get them for free or heavily discounted through the community store. We’ve also got custom mugs, glasses, shirts, and other stuff coming out soon.

You can earn D&D miniatures just by being a part of the Republic! Earn points during the Wurm Online Relaunch and beyond.
Earn discounts on D&D minis for being an active member of the community!

Get on Discord. Get in the Game.

All of our coordination is taking place on the Discord with the usual mix of Google Sheets and Docs, so make sure you register today and join us for this next adventure. It’s shaping up to be quite the venture and we’re rolling out even more of what SSR does best in preparing and planning for the game.

See you on Friday, the 24th! We’re hoping the Wurm Online Relaunch will get the band back together.

New Branch Alert: Wurm Online – 24 July 20

With Wurm Online’s complete revamp of their UI, graphics, and other features there will be a new Steam launch of the game coming 24 July 2020 and members of SSR have expressed interest in joining. According to several Q&As, you will be able to join through the current official Wurm standalone client or via Steam, but the two accounts won’t link up or interact, so choose wisely.

To PvP or Not to PvP?

That is the current question. Currently there aren’t any indications that PvP servers will be reachable via boats from the PvE server, so we’ll need to pick whether or not we want to venture into the PvP side of the game. In the past we’ve always gone PvE since the combat mechanics were less than stellar. This go around though the animations and mechanics have been updated which may make it worth checking out for PvP.

The 24th is a Friday, so we’ll have lots of time over the weekend to get organized and figure out where we’re going to set up.

It’s All About the Ships

Ships. That’s what we do in Wurm. The plan is to build a harbor and set up for trade. That shouldn’t be too much of a stretch from the way we generally play other games. The hope is that it will scratch the building and sailing itch.

Stay Tuned!

If you’ve found this article by way of the website and aren’t part of the community yet, then join us at https://discord.silversunrepublic.com. Our new automated immigration system is open for use. Join the channel and follow the instructions to get your account set up. Then join the Wurm Branch and stay up to date on all of our Wurm related announcements.

User Registration Now Open for Use

The long delayed improvements to the website are finally here which means we can start turning on all the other automated and expanded systems we’ve been working on for the community. This will enable us to do way more to support our presence in competitive MMOs and focus on building a larger community. Our vision has always been to recreate an actual government and this requires administration that has never been worth it. With the new bots and website we can automate a whole lot of that effort streamlining the process of registration and all the other aspects of a feudal government.


Currently, users can use !register to have the SSR Bot message them privately. Soon enough we’ll be changing that over to a message that is sent on joining the server to explain the process. Additionally, the bot will also automate the !immigrate command to assign you to the correct rank, households, and SSR membership roles. MilitaryGamers.com will be treated as its own household in the future. Allies from Hyperion will also get a set of features to ease the burden on approving memberships for special circumstances.

As of right now the system allows us to automate and integrate a large part of the process, but there are still more efficiencies coming.

Website Profiles

Now members can log into the website and manage their own profile to tweak a few features. Soon we’ll be adding an awards section that will also be automated. Nominations and approvals will be integrated in with the bot(s) that we put out. You’ll be able to view an awards “shadow box” that you can link for public viewing. The plan is to also create a paper doll to show off your military uniform which will include your rank, any specializations, and a ribbon/medal rack.

Various forms and feeds will also be available on Discord and on the website to include resource prices, contracts, and other features we’ve used in the past.

Banking System

We’ve teased it a few times in the past, but we’re also working on the banking system that will come with three different currencies. The first will be a premium currency that can be redeemed for use in our online store to get discounts on stuff like Dungeons and Dragons books, dice, dice towers, miniatures and a whole lot more. The second currency will be for our flagship game at the time. This currency will reset with each game allowing us to create our own economy to either supplement or replace the game’s system depending on how good or terrible it is. There have been several times we’ve used this including Darkfall Online, but the good news is that we’ve created a system that will require much less administration. The third currency will be a persistent coinage that can be used in any game and traded between members freely.

The 2nd and 3rd tier currency can be traded up, meaning, that the lowest tier can buy into the middle tier and the 2nd tier can purchase premium currency. They can also be traded down in the same manner.

Other Integrations

On top of using Discord we can also pull in information from Steam to use for whitelisting servers. This will automate the headache generally associated with manually looking up and entering SteamIDs when you can just link it in Discord and connect it to your SSR web account. From here we can dump all of our member IDs into a file on the server or just let the game search our database for users to allow into the server. This is something we can also automate to completely remove the need for manual labor.

Future Game Development

Using this same set of systems we’re starting to test out features for our own game development efforts. The expanded economic, contracting, banking, social features, and other concepts are being tested for implementation in the MMO project we’re always working on in the background. The full on integration of Discord into an MMO as the social platform is something we’re exploring and the use of bots/automation is also a part of that.

Some games like ECO and Life is Feudal have integrated chat channels that share between in-game and Discord chat instantly. Using Discord in place of IRC or other chat systems just makes sense since we can offload those computing requirements and also allow people out of game to contribute to help channels or participate socially while not being able to log in to the game itself.

Planned Feature List

  • Banking System
    • Deposit
    • Redemption for Gifts, Discounts, Exclusive Items
    • Transfer
    • Withdrawals (Fines, Fees, Contracts, etc.)
    • Exchange (up or down tiers of currency)
  • Steam Connect (Link your SteamID to your web account)
  • Automated Registration/Immigration
  • Automated Herald (hold court to announce awards, promotions, etc.)
  • Awards System
    • Profile Awards Display
      • Paper Doll Uniform
    • Nomination System
    • Approval System
  • Full Promotion/Demotion System
  • Wiki Integration (Q and A bot that searches the Wiki for answers)
  • Jukebox Bot (to play Spotify music)
  • Contracting System
    • Create
    • Modify
    • Bid
    • Award
    • Close
  • Stock Market
    • Generate resource prices
    • Buy/Sell bulk resources
    • Buy/Sell futures
    • Allow Households and Companies to buy/sell stock
  • Branch Creation/Deletion (automated role and channel creation for game branches)

What is the Republic Doing Now?

Gaming is the simple answer, but wait, there’s more!

We’ve got several chapters going right now, but on top of that we’re always working on things “behind the scenes.” With the cancellation of Chronicles of Elyria we’re on the hunt for the next big chapter. In the meantime, though, we’ve got some options for you to game with the Republic.

Life is Feudal MMO

Yup, we’re still in the game and the chapter is working on building up again after the latest wipe. Join us on Discord and check out the progress. All characters retained their skills, so the skill grind is nil if you’ve had a well developed skill tree. The skill total has been upped to 1000, so smaller groups have a better chance.


This game kind of came out of nowhere and we’re enjoying the Factorio feel in 3D. It’s in early development, but the game has quite a bit of content with a great multiplayer feature. We’re hosting limited sessions, but so far the game has been great. The environment has a Subnautica feel to it while the mechanics channel Factorio.

Conqueror’s Blade

We’re back in Conqueror’s Blade thanks to the latest season which introduces Italian Mercenary styled units, which of course fits right in with SSR and our own themes. Week Three of Twelve has just begun and introduced Italian Pike. Coming up soon are mortars and Pavise Crossbows which should change up the way the game plays tactically and strategically. Join us for Territory Wars on Tuesdays and Saturdays along with MilitaryGamers.com.

ATLAS: Darkside RP Next Season

While specifics aren’t available we’re still keeping an eye on Darkside’s progress towards the next ATLAS season. We’ve spotted a cool video that provides some insight into some new content that should be making its way into the next chapter.

Side Projects!


We’re always working on something else aside from gaming. The SSR Bot is being worked on as promised. The goal is to get it integrated into Life is Feudal: MMO to test out the reward features. The Wiki server is back up and running since it will host the SSR Bot and another bot was built for a different Discord server altogether. Since everything is hosted on AWS there’s a lot more to do in order to get the server running and functioning. Now that we’ve got the Codex stabilized and hosting another bot we can turn our attention back towards the SSR Bot. It is being scripted in Python and integrated into the website so it will form the foundation for an entire account management ecosystem replacing our old forums and pulling together our Discord presence. You’ll be able to register an account through the website and the Discord server very soon.

SSR Game World

The SSR Game World has been something we’ve been developing for a long time. It includes a Crusader Kings II mod, Novel, and RPG Ruleset on top of an MMO platform being slowly worked on in the background. The Novel is now the primary focus as it will create the entire foundation for the whole Silver Sun Republic franchise. Hovering around 30% complete of the first draft, the initial 6 Chapters are done with 14 more outlined and planned. The SSR RPG/Tabletop Ruleset is being worked on in tandem at around 50% complete with the framework of the entire system in place awaiting specific numbers and skill/ability lists. All of the major mechanics have been fleshed out. The Crusader Kings II mod is tied closely to both of these as the major locations, factions, characters, and lore will come together on the game map.

In the meantime, we’ve been working on the Soacio city map in Medieval Engineers to bring that core location to life enabling the Novel and other art elements.

Work in progress, but will form the foundation for the future of our capital city in the Novel, RPG Ruleset, and other game projects.

Join Us on Discord!

As always, you can join us on Discord to get the latest info and chat with your fellow community members.

discord.silversunrepublic.com <– Easy to use URL!

Quarantine Gaming with the Silver Sun Republic

Now is the time to get into something to help you with the monotony and SSR has got your back with three established branches. Life is Feudal MMO just wiped, Star Wars: The Old Republic quenches the theme park MMO thirst, and Conqueror’s Blade just launched what I’m dubbing, their SSR season complete with Italian (specifically Florence) themed units, skins, and scenarios. Yep, you heard that correctly, it’s almost as if they reached into my brain and asked me what would get me back into the game. You can unlock Condottieri Guard (swordsmen), Italian Pikes, Pavise Crossbowmen, and mortars (yep, mobile siege weapons, not entirely historically accurate, but hey, neither is the game by any means!).

In the piazza of the Signoria

Life is Feudal MMO

Get back to one of our more recent successes and join the crew as they rebuild after the recent wipe. One of the greatest tweaks is the reduction in maintenance costs for claims. It should make the game less of an imperative to log in every day just to replenish your coins. That alone eases up the stress from the game and makes it much more enjoyable. We’re bordering on the safe zone, so whatever you’re craving for safety or danger happens to be there are options to settle where you want.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We’re part of the Sith Empire as always in SWTOR on the Star Forge server jumping on Flashpoints and putting together Operations as people show interest. Level up to 75 or hang out around 50 on the Free to Play option; whatever you want! Plenty of content is still accessible on the complete free option.

Conqueror’s Blade

Check out this video to help explain all the new additions. We’re on the NA server in Ostaria. MilitaryGamers has invited us to join them and their alliance as they fight for Territory Control in the game. Now is a GREAT time to return and fight it out with us!

Plenty of Other Stuff Too!

We still host random game nights including Stellaris and The Guild 3 as well as Crusader Kings II. Just hit us up on Discord as always.

In other news, the SSR Novel is coming along nicely. I have the novel done through Chapter 6 with a 30,000 word count. The current content is laid out to be 20 chapters at 100,000 words making it a full fantasy length novel. Additionally, there is an SSR tabletop game in the works using the novel as the setting. If all goes according to plan, we will have a Kickstarter coming out later this year. I’ve shared the first three chapters of it to Discord, so give it a read and let me know what you think.

Membership Loyalty Program Coming Soon

A Membership Loyalty Program that Serves YOU

It has been a long time coming and it’s almost here. Our Membership Loyalty Program is rolling out within the next few weeks. We tested a bit of it out with Ymir giving members 20% off using SSRYMIR20 as a code. That took the game from its regular price of $34.99 to $27.99. Soon you’ll be able to redeem our own currency for similar rewards. All this for over a much larger selection of games, gaming hardware, apparel and much more from Military Gamer Supply! You’ll even be able to redeem this same currency in future games as we work with developers and develop our own titles.

You can earn D&D miniatures just by being a part of the Republic!
Need minis for your D&D Campaign? Get them with our loyalty program!

The Loyalty Program Starts with Registration

Our Discord Bot is coming back online shortly with a few more commands added on to it. First, you’ll be able to link your account to our website where we’ll be offering a ton more features. You’ll use it to manage your Silver Sun Bank Account as well as a new premium currency that can be traded for discounts on the MGS webstore. The premium currency can be purchased using money gained by trading in our flagship games like Chronicles of Elyria, Atlas, Ymir, Life is Fedual or anything we’re hosting officially. New registrants will be able to use !immigrate to connect their Discord accounts to their website accounts. Existing members will be able to !link their accounts as well.

Sail with us and earn real rewards while you stock up on game treasure too. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Less Admin, More Fun, More Rewarding!

Those who volunteer to help out with recruiting will earn bounties in the form of the premium currency. Officers and Ministers will also earn a weekly “salary” of premium currency. Those who donate resources to the guild in games will also earn the currency. Some games will only earn the regular currency, but it can be traded up at a certain rate to the premium currency over time or once support for the game has ended by the Republic. Members will also be able to trade currency among themselves.

Enabling a Deeper Economy

The cool thing about this new Membership Loyalty Program is that Branch Leaders will be able to reward members with premium currency as well. Each Branch or Province will receive a set amount to give away to help encourage participation. The more you play with the Republic, the more you can earn!

Brand New Account System with Bots!

We used bots in Life is Feudal, but we’ve upped the ante a bit with integration with the website. Samson and Brando have been working on prepping our website and the Prefect Bot to be able to allow users to register on both the Discord and the site. We hope this will help integrate more of our systems like the SSR bank, contracting, etc. and allow us to cut down admin by our members relying more on bots to do the work.

How Will it Work?

I’m glad you asked! Look for it to work like this:

  1. User goes to the website and fills out the User Registration form
  2. User receives an email with a password and Discord server info
  3. User logs into the site, resets their password and retrieves their Discord Key
  4. User enters our Discord Server and uses !immigrate
  5. The Prefect Bot will then DM them and ask for the Discord Key as it notices they have registered on the site. The user responds with the Discord Key from their account.
  6. Prefect Bot links the accounts and sets their Role on both the Discord and the Website to Immigrant.

What About After That?

SSR Ministers and Prefects will use !promote [username] to advance people from Immigrant to higher ranks. The SSR Bank will also display bank balance for users in their Website profile. We can also use !joinBranch [branch name] to help track which branches and games people are interested in.

Even further than that, users will be able to do things like !claimdiscount [GameTitle] and use that key at https://www.militarygamersupply.com. This means that we can create a Loyalty Program for SSR and award points that you can turn into FREE and discounted stuff on a webstore that will take the referral sales and turn over a percentage of the profit to the guild to push for even more discounts and giveaways. It’s all part of creating a greater community that rewards its members.

I’m Not in SSR, Can I Benefit Too?

If you’re a member of MilitaryGamers.com, absolutely. We’re also working with Duchy of Wessex and others to bring the same bot and platform capabilities to those communities. We hope to use all of the referral sales to help offset years of paying for hosting costs out of community leaders’ pockets and focus on rewarding each of our affiliate communities.

Return to the Republic — What Are We Playing Now?

Now is the time to return to the Republic. Why? Because we have a multitude of benefits and new projects coming up, not the least of which are our game branches. Whether you crave open sandbox PvP, online D&D sessions, custom tabletop gaming or mobile games, we have something for everyone and that includes you!

PC Game Branches


We’re still involved in Atlas on the NA-PvP server with a presence in three different sectors, so there’s plenty to do and experience in the world with your SSR tags on. We have PvP on the regular, whaling, treasure maps, and soon the power stones to explore and progress through the PvE content. Join up on the NA-PvP server and let us know you want in on the Company so we can get you tagged up and into one of our bases.

Life is Feudal MMO: v 0.2.0

Life is Feudal has kicked back up on a fresh new map that is 3 times the size from the original! It’s a brand new map that promises to improve upon a lot of the glitches and bugs from the previous versions. Already a lot of quality of life improvements have made their way into the game and our activity has spiked through the roof. A lot of familiar faces have made their way back into the fold and we’re moving forward on a game plan to build up our presence again. This time we’re seeking new allies and new friends to rebuild the Republic in our image. Hop on the game and transfer your character from Epleland (the old NA servers were wiped…) to Godenland. Make sure you hop on Discord at http://discord.silversunrepublic.com to get the monument code so you don’t have to run halfway across the map … trust me, it’s a massive run from any of the new four starter towns unless you get lucky and get the southern one so you’ll want the code.

We’re already pumping out houses, gear, food, and whatever else you need to get ready for the PvP and adventure that awaits you with the new PvE content (NPCs are in and they’re not easy…) along with a brand new skilling system that works even when you’re offline.

Dungeons and Dragons Night

Yup, we’re adding a D&D night on Thursdays with Brando as the DM using the SSR gameworld as the campaign setting. You’ll want to create a character in D&D beyond http://www.dndbeyond.com and export a PDF to get loaded into Fantasy Grounds. Don’t worry, you won’t have to purchase Fantasy Grounds, just download the free demo because Brando already owns the DM version so it’s free for you to connect to the server.

What’s different about this campaign? Well, it’s in the SSR world for one and for another it will eventually be replaced with a custom ruleset that some of the members have been working on that will get its own Kickstarter in about August of 2019. Want to help in the development? All you have to do is play on Thursdays and your feedback will help further the game rules. The system is going to be used for both a D&D style game, but also translate into a grand scale tabletop miniatures game like Warhammer 40K or many of the other historic miniatures rulesets out there.

SSR Made Games and Content

SSR Miniatures and Adventure Game

As was alluded to in the previous section, we have SSR content under way in the form of a Miniatures and Adventure game ruleset with a Kickstarter coming up in the next several months. We’re also laying the foundation for a mobile game and eventually a series of PC games. The best way to get involved is to stay active in the community because we’ll be dropping surprise game tests on people in the form of game nights.

Republic Online Store

Teaming up with our Brick and Mortar location in El Paso, Texas, we are going to start offering SSR related items for purchase that will help fund our projects and expand what we offer to the community. Look for T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers and a whole lot more for purchase. You’ll even get a discount just by being an SSR member!

Your Membership Earns You Real $$$!

No, this is not a scam or one of those pyramid schemes floating around the internet. That’s right, your membership and your time in the Republic could earn you discounts and gift cards to be redeemed through our brick and mortar store or online webstore coming up real soon through Military Gamer Supply! Are you a member who contributes often and earns Writs of Service? Those Writs are worth discounts on our webstore and soon so will unique contributions by members as awarded through various Letters and membership to our various prestigious orders. It’s all part of an effort to recognize and award contributions to the Republic.

Some items up for sale include custom stickers, mugs, T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, and even miniatures featuring your character. Are you a DM for a local DnD group? Awesome, well we’ve got all the handbooks and campaign books for sale on the upcoming webstore. Need a playmat for your group? We’ve got that too. We have dice, miniatures, books, terrain pieces and even spell effects! (Yuuup, we’ve got spell effect miniatures and templates for area coverage by some of your favorite pew pew spells.)

When it comes to RP games, we’ve got you covered, but wait, that’s not all! We also have miniatures and accessories for some of your tabletop games including Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K, Flames of War (World War II miniatures), Team Yankee (Cold War), ancient historical minis and a ton more. We’re also launching our own Kickstarter in roughly 6 months to get our own line of minis and a tabletop game ruleset launched. What’s the best part of that? You’ll get a discount and a tier upgrade on that too just for being an active SSR member!

It’s all part of a way to say, ‘thank you,’ for being a part of our 15 years of history and add a little more of an incentive for continuing to game with us for many more to come.

BONUS: If you’re a streamer, you can also qualify for our streaming affiliate program set up and run through the Military Gamer Network. Sign up today through MilitaryGamers.com (for current and former US Military) or Silver Sun Republic (all others!) and get started so we can get you ahead of the rush and qualify for giveaways for your stream.

Parlamento to Consider Bill on Loyalty

After years of operating as an “open” community, the Republic now faces issues with slipping activity due to members being part of multiple gaming communities. As the MMO population continues to thin, measures to retain activity need to be taken in the face of other communities taking the same approach. Options currently being mulled include automatic shifts to Zingari rank during flagship games with restricted access to Discord channels and a return to the rank of Popolani when members come active again.

Other, more extreme measures include investigations into sedition and treason as information is leaked to potential adversaries whether the actions are malicious or not. The current Constitution allows for actions to be taken against those who commit acts of treason and sedition.

What is ultimately being weighed is the difference between malicious and general acts of treason and enacting similar policies that a lot of competitive PvP groups have begun to implement.

You can voice your opinions in the general discussion area or attend this Saturday’s guild meeting on Discord at 7 PM CST.