The Republic is structured after historically accurate interpretations of Renaissance Italy, specifically Florence and Venice modified to make the complex social and economic systems usable in most competitive, sandbox MMORPGs. The hybrid democratic-feudal system lends itself well to most online games allowing for a flexible logistic and combat structure that feels natural to most players who crave coordination and organization.

The Constitution of the Republic outlines the way the nation is run from the central government to provinces spread throughout other games. Each gathering of citizens has a special purpose designed to ensure communication and ideas flow in all directions. The general citizenry has access to all levels of leadership with crafters having circles of their own to focus on ensuring the economy remains strong.

Progression in the Republic is open to all at all social levels and allows for sub-groups to join and retain their identity. The social structure also allows ambitious citizens the opportunity to start their own sub-guilds under the banner of the Republic and grow their own group of loyal members, but with a degree of autonomy.

Having numbered in the hundreds in the past and as few as several throughout the ages, the military of the Republic has always been known as a well-coordinated and structured unit. Based on historical armies and flexible enough to work with modern strategies and tactics, the soldiers of the Republic organize themselves into small teams that build upon each level to produce one of the most well disciplined and organized fighting forces in the field no matter the challenge.