[ATLAS] Call to Arms, Senate and Land Grants to Households

Greetings to all in the Republic,

I hereby decree that the Signoria shall assemble within our newest colonial holdings of New Soacio in the Province of ATLAS. Within the next week we shall begin surveying our island in order to develop land grants and issue deeds to the settlers therein. The Signoria shall begin hearing and considering legislation concerning the governance of the island in our newly constructed capitol building.

We have commissioned the construction of three new warships that require crews as well as the raising of a star fort and a barbican to defend entry to our bay and the military docks. Trade has begun in earnest and we have seen our harbors stocked full of visiting vessels and merchants.

The Republic has also received its Letter of Marquee noting us as Privateers in service to His Royal Majesty’s Navy. Patrol Missions are in need of completing so that we may invite the Navy to establish a permanent station upon our island as it is a key Avenue of Approach to their main presence in the colonies.

Opportunities abound in this new land and we are in a very fortunate place to leverage the fame and honor that is within our grasp. Sign up today and join the Republic in our latest venture!

October 25th Set Sail For Adventure with the Silver Sun Free Company

Adventure on the High Seas with SSR

One of more recent forays into the competitive PvP scene was ATLAS where SSR led the charge against countless zergs providing strategic and tactical guidance to several alliances. Now we get that opportunity again flying under our own banner as Privateers as the Silver Sun Free Company chartered under the Royal Navy on the Darkside RP server for their 4.0 season in ATLAS.

Bringing All Guns to Bear

SSR will be hitting it hard again this time with our brand new automated and bot driven systems online along with the new website membership profiles. The Prefect Bot and other Bots will be showing up to assist in how we organize and coordinate the group. Merits and Writs of Achievement will be issued to members of the community. With these writs you’ll be able to redeem them for discounts and even FREE stuff on our webstore operated by Military Gamer Supply. That means for participating with SSR in ATLAS you’ll be able to earn FREE and discounted stuff on our webstore. You might even be able to get some SSR miniatures for our new tabletop game coming up at the end of this year.

Make Sure You’re There for Launch

On 25 October, the server is supposed to go live. In order to get ahead of the rush, you’ll want to apply for access by visiting the Darkside RP website. The registration process takes a bit and it will be likely that you won’t get immediate access due to the nature of the launch, but by registering early you’ll be much closer to the front of the line.

Check Out Our Branch Page for ATLAS

We managed to save quite a few photos of SSR in ATLAS, so make sure you check out the branch page for images of our involvement there.