Wurm Online

If crafting, building, sieging, and more of a strategic outlook to an MMORPG is more your thing then Wurm Online is your game. The mechanics are by far superior to most other MMOs on the market and after 15+ years of development the depth in the game is unmatched.

Wurm Online LIVE Server – PvP

With the launch of the new servers for Wurm Online coinciding with a Steam Launch we have decided to set off for the PvP server as part of the Jenn Kellon Kingdom. Planning is already underway as we gear up for the logistics, economics, and military organization that the Silver Sun Republic is known for bringing to the fight.

Join up on the Discord Server to find out how you can get involved. We’re always looking for new recruits and villagers to join us as we build up our main settlement and add forward operating bases/fiefdoms to our growing nation.

Wurm Unlimited Server

The Republic of the Silver Sun maintains its own Wurm Unlimited Server using a custom map that was developed specifically for our use. Currently, the server is closed to the public while we develop the map within our community.

You can get more details on how to join us by visiting our Discord Server.

Live Map of our Aquileia World

It’s our very own custom built map for Wurm Unlimited!

In order to add the world map to the in-game map feature, head on over to our Wiki and follow the instructions.